Baby room trend: light-coloured wood!

Blond hout trend babykamerAt the moment, I see a lot of white baby rooms, but I also notice another trend: light-coloured wood. Whether it is maple, beech, alder, ash or birch wood, it creates a pleasant atmosphere and warmth and is perfectly suited for a baby room. Combined with various shades of white and pastel shades, you can create a peaceful and relaxed Scandinavian look! Light-coloured wooden furniture also make a good combination with accessories from the sixties, as well as with graphic designs. This BabyStuf collage shows both light-coloured wooden furniture for baby rooms and the latest accessories: baby room Oeuf New York, twin cot Ovla For Two, a baby body from Dwell Design, playpen Strand from Coming Kids, photo tree OnceUponaTree, chair made op packaging material Joolz, care bag Yummy Mummy from Pink Lining, robot wallpaper from Studio Ditte, storage baskets from 3Sprouts and a wooden toy from Anamalz.

Portable baby cot modernised

moba2 - kopieThe well-known wicker portable baby cot, which
is often called a ‘Moses-basket’ abroad, has been modernised.
Wicker cots can fray or break, sharp edges can form, and they cannot be cleaned
properly. Also fungi might develop when they are not stored in a dry place, and
the palm leaves these cots are made of are exposed to chemicals for pest
control during transport. The English designers at Moba felt it was time for a
new, safe version that is perfectly suited to modern times. The Moba is made of
recyclable material that feels soft and smooth, is easy to clean, has plenty of
holes for ventilation, is strong and durable, but still lightweight. It is
available in various fashionable colours.

Babyspa whirlpool

babyspa-whirlpool-rotho1Wellness is an accepted concept for adults, but it is not for babies and infants. Rotho Babydesign presents a babyspa whirlpool with a nice support and adjustable LED-lighting in various colours. Luxury? Sure, and expensive as well, but now consider babies coping with sensitivity or stomach aches. Research has shown that these small whirlpools with light therapy and bubbles can have a relaxing effect on babies, and therefore certainly on babies suffering from stomach aches or stress! In that case, I believe it is money well spent.


Baby in carrier facing forward, yes or no?

baby-bjorn-baby-carrierA German association of paediatricians advises against carrying a baby in a carrier while facing forward, as it is considered harmful for the hip joints. However, they jumped to this conclusion, and did not expound on their statement. First of all, it is very important to know that you can only carry your baby this way when it can keep its head up straight itself; in other words, that the neck muscles and vertebrae are strong enough. For both newly born and very small children, this way of carrying is strongly discouraged.

But when babies can keep their head straight up themselves easily, which is mostly after about four months, and start to become curious about their surroundings, they are just glad and happy when they finally get to see something other than dad’s or mom’s chest. Various medical experts have written reports that recommend this. The key to this is that the hip joints should always be in an open position, preferably in the so-called ‘M-position’, with the knees higher than the bum. By the way, in the United Kingdom an article appeared stating that doctors were worried about tightly strapping babies, with their legs against one another in a straight position, restricting any movement. This can lead to a higher risk of hip dysplasia! See

Kids design spring-mounted car seat Veri-Cosi

BraintriggerfotoblokTogether with Braintrigger, Maxi-Cosi (Dorel) organised a design contest for a new car seat for children over the age of eight. From the 35 entries, elementary school pupils Bart, Dirk and Mees from De Meent elementary school in Waalre were elected winners with their Veri-Cosi. Besides new safety features like springs that absorb the shock in a possible crash, the Veri-Cosi also features cool gadgets, like a digital clock that shows the remaining time of the journey. The organisers of the contest were impressed with all the work these young engineers had done; they even made crash-test videos to test the safety of the seat!

Braintrigger links schools to companies with challenging projects. Both parties take benefit from this: the companies can use the kids’ playful ideas, and the kids become enthusiastic about technology. Good idea! And we are keen to hear when the Veri-Cosi will be manufactured!

Milestone baby cards

milestonebabycardsWhen you are looking for a nice maternity gift,
these new Milestone Baby Cards make a good suggestion. With these nicely
designed cards, you can record every milestone of your baby. Just write the
date on the card and make a picture of your baby and the card. By doing so, you
can record the moments your baby smiled for the first time, crawled, raised
itself using the table, made its first steps or when the first tooth developed;
all memorable moments. Personally, I think it is also suited for other events;
what about less delightful moments like the baby’s first injection or the first time
he or she falls? I recall an unfortunate incident with my son. When he had just
learned to walk around the table, my eldest son fell on the edge of our coffee
table, resulting in a nasty cut below his eyebrow, the loss of blood and a
visit to the doctor to close the wound. After that, my father in law made a
photograph of my little boy with his pacifier and his inseparable ragdoll, and
a big bandage above his eye. Every time I see this picture, I still shiver…but
hey, it was a milestone, wasn’t it?