Milestone baby cards

milestonebabycardsWhen you are looking for a nice maternity gift,
these new Milestone Baby Cards make a good suggestion. With these nicely
designed cards, you can record every milestone of your baby. Just write the
date on the card and make a picture of your baby and the card. By doing so, you
can record the moments your baby smiled for the first time, crawled, raised
itself using the table, made its first steps or when the first tooth developed;
all memorable moments. Personally, I think it is also suited for other events;
what about less delightful moments like the baby’s first injection or the first time
he or she falls? I recall an unfortunate incident with my son. When he had just
learned to walk around the table, my eldest son fell on the edge of our coffee
table, resulting in a nasty cut below his eyebrow, the loss of blood and a
visit to the doctor to close the wound. After that, my father in law made a
photograph of my little boy with his pacifier and his inseparable ragdoll, and
a big bandage above his eye. Every time I see this picture, I still shiver…but
hey, it was a milestone, wasn’t it?

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