Baby espadrilles and memories of summer

babystuf baby espadrillesWhile shopping online, I came across these espadrilles for infants at So adorable! At the same time, this picture takes me back to my lovely summer holidays in the past. With a borrowed caravan, my parents drove all the way to the south of Brittany with me and my sister (which was quite far at that time!), to a small campsite near the sea. The rough shores, the beautiful beach, our small tent next to the caravan, from which we were expelled in the mornings because of the glaring sun, always alternated with some stormy days, are engraved in my memory. Each year, my sister and I could pick a pair of espadrilles from the local store in our favourite colour, and wore them all three weeks because they were so comfortable. We would shuffle to the beach and back, and at the end of our holiday they would be so worn out we had to leave them behind.

Espadrille is a French word, which is derived from the Catalan word espardenya. The rope shoes have been made for centuries already from canvas and jute, and the typical rope sole is reinforced with a rubber sole. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Donna Karan reintroduced the espadrilles by using them in their shows. It appears there is a famous shop in Madrid: Casa Hernanz, that sells handmade espadrilles in 32 colours and up to 30 different seizes for just a couple of euros a pair. The shop does not even have a website, but it serves hundreds of customers a day! Good to hear there are small espadrilles as well.

’Self-thinking’ baby bottle communicates with smartphone

babystuf bebo zelfdenkend flesjeIntroduce a group of ambitious students to a team of entrepreneurs and see what happens. ‘Innovation in a week’ transforms advanced technology to a tangible product design in a very short period of time. Their latest innovation: the Bebo, a ‘self-thinking’ baby bottle. As a starting point, the team focused on mothers with a busy career and an extensive social life, who are especially in need of time-saving products that do offer comfort and quality for both mother and child.

The Bebo is a bottle that can heat up and clean itself automatically! Besides that, it also indicates how much milk the baby has drunk, which will come in handy when the amounts a baby drinks have to be monitored. This information is directed to the mother’s smartphone. The bottle works on a battery, so that it can be heated and used everywhere and at any time. The new firm Bebo Company has patented both the nutrition measuring system with sensors and the heating element, and will be actually manufacturing the bottle in the future. Bebo Company aims to introduce the bottle on the market in just several months, so it would be nice if we could already see the Bebo on the international Kind + Jugend-trade fair in September!

Fashionable feeding

babystuf-bellemont4Nice, these nourishment and care products from Bellemont. It is not a new brand, as this French brand, based in Brittany, was founded over 30 years ago, but it has just recently been introduced in the Netherlands. All baby products from Bellemont excel in functionality as well as creativity. Whether it is a dryer rack, a bottle holder, a plate, cutlery, a bath support, an adjustable potty or table corner guards; everything has been designed with great care and manufactured with great craftsmanship. A fine glass of wine tastes much better from a crystal glass than from a plastic cup, therefore I’m a supporter of feeding babies in a fashionable manner, for instance by using such a nice plate.

Stroller race voor fathers

menwithwheels easywalkerNo breakfast in bed, lazy lounging or doing some gardening on father’s day, but
action! The event ‘Menwithwheels’ was the first stroller race for fathers. In
four different races and one final round, tough fathers battled on two
different locations to earn the title ‘Man With Wheels’ and the associated
prize; a new stroller. This prize was provided by the sponsor easywalker. In
the morning in Scheveningen the easywalker sky was used, and in the afternoon
at the Cornelis Schuytstraat in Amsterdam the latest easywalker june was used
for the race. Exclusively for father’s day, the shops in Amsterdam were open,
and there was entertainment for the entire family. The race was not just about
walking fast…the track rather looked like a bootcamp; there were nets to crawl
under, tires to jump through while lifting the stroller, and the front wheels
had to be changed at a pit stop. And during all of that, a baby doll was
strapped in the stroller. Fortunately, the weather was fine and the supporters
were nice, so that the organisers could be content about the event. The
exhausted fathers were sent home with a packed goodie bag. Tonight at VIoranje
on RTL4, a report on the race in Scheveningen is broadcast; I will be watching
for sure!

Football fun on father’s day

keltum-voetbal-keltum-fcjuniormetplacemat_lrBearing father’s day in mind, I think this is a good one: Keltum presents a special cutlery set of four items, with appealing images of a football shoe, a shirt, a ball and a corner flag. The cutlery set comes in a football pitch, which is actually a nice green placemat. It consists of four items, and is made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. Although our Dutch national team did not do really well yet at the European Football Championship…our small future football fans will enjoy every bite while playing. A nice gift for newly born children, or infants having their birthday. We gave away one of these cutlery sets to one of our BabyStuf Facebook fans, and received really cool and touching pictures…you should definitely take a look!

Victor&Rolf design voor Bugaboo

Bugaboo my_first_car_ViktorRolfEvery once in a while, fashion designers are invited to design baby products in order for brands to make a fashion statement. For its Cameleon, in the past Bugaboo already cooperated with fashion designers like Missoni, Marc Jacobs, Paul Frank and Bas Kosters. This year, they contacted the designerteam Viktor&Rolf. During the project ‘My First Car’, they designed this limited edition of the Bugaboo Cameleon3, that shows characteristics from the car industry. The Viktor&Rolf Cameleon comes with a grey frame, a grey seat made of fabric from the motorsport industry and a leatherlook sun cover. The rear wheels have silver-coloured rims and the Viktor&Rolf emblem. Through the ‘rear window’ of the sun cover, you can easily keep an eye on the ‘future race car driver’. Both the foot-muff and the rear end of the crib have a custom-made license plate showing ‘bb-hearts-V&R’. The outcome is a stylish stroller that will not go unnoticed, but after all that was the aim of the project. For parents who want to stand out from the crowd: this limited edition is available everywhere for 1500 euros, and the foot-muff costs an additional 150 euros.

Breastfeeding your child at the age of three

Time magazine are you mom enoughThere is a taboo on breastfeeding your toddler, infant or somewhat older child. In May this year, the cover of Time Magazine was occupied by a mother breastfeeding her child at the age of three, accompanied by the headline: ‘Are you mom enough?’ It led to discussions and comments like ‘perverted’, ‘dangerous’, ‘not being able to let go of the baby time’ and ‘too much attachment to the mother with serious consequences’. Katherine Dettwyler, professor in anthropology, conducted research on this and discovered that breastfeeding children at an older age is actually more common around the globe than not doing so, except for Europe and America. The mothers who do support this, mostly high-educated women working outside their homes, hardly dare to admit this, fearing negative responses. Dettwyler studied children who were breastfed for more than three years, and concluded: ‘these children were in perfect health, did not need any form of therapy and did not see it as having sex with their mothers’.

Isn’t it just that all of us are totally estranged from what is normal, that we are so used to all advertisements and promotional campaigns of breastfeeding and surrogates aimed at mothers with babies? That we have forgotten that breast are intended to raise children, instead of create sexual arousal? It might explain the strong reactions, including my own, after seeing mothers breastfeeding three-year-olds…Source: Time Magazine, HLN

Musical pacifier for premature babies

muzikale fopspeen voor prematuren bill lax FSu Photografphy serviceBill Lax FSU Photography Service

Pacifiers are often point of discussion; extensive use can lead to inflammation of the ear, problems with speech and disruption of breastfeeding. However, one type that does not have any disadvantages has recently been introduced on the market. With premature babies, the processes of sucking, swallowing and breathing have not yet been properly balanced. The longer it takes before babies learn these abilities, the further they will be left behind in their growth process. Scientist Jayne Standley Portal, working at the Florida State University, has recently designed the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (abbreviation: PAL): a pacifier that is connected through wires with some kind of music box. When the baby sucks in the right way, it gets to hear a comforting tune. Besides that, this tune also works during the many unpleasant treatments these babies have to cope with. Clinical research has shown that premature babies who were subjected to this test, learned to suck 2,5 times better than babies without PAL. The results are astonishing: premature babies learn to drink better, and are allowed to go home faster. Through the use of this musical pacifier, the hospitalisation can be decreased by five days on average!