’Self-thinking’ baby bottle communicates with smartphone

babystuf bebo zelfdenkend flesjeIntroduce a group of ambitious students to a team of entrepreneurs and see what happens. ‘Innovation in a week’ transforms advanced technology to a tangible product design in a very short period of time. Their latest innovation: the Bebo, a ‘self-thinking’ baby bottle. As a starting point, the team focused on mothers with a busy career and an extensive social life, who are especially in need of time-saving products that do offer comfort and quality for both mother and child.

The Bebo is a bottle that can heat up and clean itself automatically! Besides that, it also indicates how much milk the baby has drunk, which will come in handy when the amounts a baby drinks have to be monitored. This information is directed to the mother’s smartphone. The bottle works on a battery, so that it can be heated and used everywhere and at any time. The new firm Bebo Company has patented both the nutrition measuring system with sensors and the heating element, and will be actually manufacturing the bottle in the future. Bebo Company aims to introduce the bottle on the market in just several months, so it would be nice if we could already see the Bebo on the international Kind + Jugend-trade fair in September!

One thought on “’Self-thinking’ baby bottle communicates with smartphone

  1. This is again one of those “super innovations’ which stay in the idea phase, bottle should have gone in production within a few months,now half a year later and: nothing!!!

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