Baby forgotten in car, killed by heat

babystuf-maxi-cosi1Each summer, we get to hear a story about a baby that has been left behind in a hot car for too long, with fatal results. Just because one of the parents has to do some shopping, and thinks the baby can stay in the car on its own for a while. Or – how bizarre – that a child is just forgotten and left behind in the car. Just like this week in Belgium, when a father left for work and forgot to take his six-month-old baby to the daycare centre…Still parents underestimate the risk of leaving their child behind in a car that can rapidly increase in temperature in summer, horrible. A group of students of the Vrij Technisch Instituut in Veurne (België) has conducted a study on this phenomenon. They have created a system with sensors that sounds an alarm when there is a baby in a car seat and the temperature in a car rises too much. The system sounds an alarm, switches on the air fan in the car, opens the windows and makes the indicator lights blink; everything to warn as many people around the car as possible. I really hope this lifesaving idea will be further elaborated by the car industry! Also see this video clip from

Baby food on the go

babystuf yoomiOn a holiday, practical baby products are very helpful, for instance utensils for feeding your baby on the go. I used to be a big fan of my bottle-heater; some sort of strap to put around the bottle and connect with the cigarette lighter socket in a car. The only disadvantage is that it would take some time, so to prevent my child from bursting into tears because of hunger, I had to connect it in advance…Therefore I’m delighted that a number of entirely new systems for ‘feeding on the go’ have recently been introduced on the market. One of these is the iiamo go; this bottle can be warmed up in four minutes. It works with a separately available heating element that should be inserted at the bottom of the bottle. The new label Yoomi, that has just recently been introduced in the Netherlands, uses a fixed heating element. To charge this component it has to be cooked, and the good thing is that this can be done days or even weeks in advance. When your child is crying for food, you fill up the bottle and by pressing the button, the heating element is ready for use in less than 60 seconds. The milk is heated while it flows through the tubes of the heating element.

The Netherlands: small country, great strollers

mutsy evo babystufMutsy Evo

I’m always glad when the media pay attention to baby products, and so I was when the weekend appendix of my regional newspaper struck my eye: ‘Trend: strollers as a trendy fashion statement’. Unfortunately, what I read was not an editorial article on trendy strollers, but a two-page article on just one brand. Although Bugaboo is trendy indeed, it is certainly not the only fashionable brand! Besides that, we are talking about a brand that has been introduced more than ten years ago. The Netherlands has been playing a major role in the industry both nationally as well as internationally for many years with innovative and trendy strollers, and that is something the media can put some more emphasis on. Think of brands like Mutsy, Koelstra, easywalker, Joolz and Mima; without even mentioning the foreign brands that are also quite popular here. I decided to write the editors and expressed my displeasure…and to my joy, my letter was published. Again, I made some headway promoting the Dutch stroller industry!