The trendy strollers from Joolz

Joolz day XL Shopper boodschappentasAmong all the excellent stroller brands in our country, Joolz is doing something different. I’ve seen this brand grow and it’s doing very well. Both nationally as well as internationally, Joolz impresses with their regular collection and their limited editions. This fall, the Joolz Day by Fab will be introduced. A stylish design due to the intensive cooperation with the famous accessories brand Fab. This limited edition has a gunmetal frame, denim covering and a brown leatherette push and safety brace. The famous Fab Star Love pattern is repeated on the sunscreen, shopping basket and crib. I think it’s great! Of course there is a denim care bag included, that resembles the design of the Fab for mum diaper bag. Only moments of waiting, and then I will travel to the international professional exhibition Kind und Jugend in Cologne, where Joolz will present another limited edition, this time with eastern elements. I’ll keep you posted!

Koeka introducing Palma

Koeka 2The label Koeka is completely Dutch Design. It all started with a pacifier towel, a sculpted flower form with a loop for a pacifier. It was made of a, for that time (late nineties), perhaps underrated fabric: terry cloth. When Koeka started to grow, more and more designs appeared on the market, made of another less popular material in the textile industry: honeycomb fabric. Many design are very smart (from well fitted car seat covers, to multifunctional sleeping bags) but I always find the material choices very extraordinary. New this fall is the Palma collection, a nice soft blanket in pied-de-poule squares for a crib or bedstead. Furthermore Koeka introduces a -on the move- collection. This is made from a cotton-teddy in the already known soft Koeka-shades like mint and taupe.

A bath with weighing option or one made of sugar and minerals?

digibath2Do you know the problem when you are not sure if your baby drank enough? You can buy or rent a weighing scale or go to the walk in consultation service at the infant welfare centre to weigh your baby, but that is a whole lot of work. Undress and dress again, getting your baby to lie still… The Digitub, that has recently been introduced in The Netherlands, might be the solution to this. You can bathe your baby and at the same time you can see what the weight of your baby is. These details will be saved so you can see whether your baby gained or lost weight the next time you weigh. What an invention! In my opinion, another great revolution in the bathing industry is the bio-degradable bathing set from Rotho Babydesign. It’s a major player on the German market but relatively new in the Netherlands, even though they offer very special products. The Bio-product line, consisting of a bath, potty and an adjustable toilet seat, is made of natural raw materials, mostly out of sugar and minerals. The manufacturer guarantees

that the set is incredibly strong for usage and afterwards you can just thrown away outside. In this way we can all help to make this world a better and ‘greener’ place. The only disadvantage is that it
looks a little dusty in my opinion, so add some coloured sugar please!

Say no to pink girl’s toys from Lego

lego friends babystufLego doesn’t mean harm, but the new Lego Friends products for girls have had a feisty negative reference from the American feministic movement Spark. Sexist and stereotyped is how Spark described these toys. There was even a petition signed by 55.000 people in the United States against these products. There is especially a lot of resistance towards the pink and purple shades and the stereotype settings, like a little kitchen, a beach chair with parasol, a beauty spa and a perfume laboratory. The curving on the Lego dolls, including the breasts, are especially not appreciated. Girls comment by email and social media, stating they also like Star Wars and Harry Potter, want to be creative and love the stories about bad and evil. We have been told a four-year study was conducted on the matter…

Lego seems to be trapped in a classical marketing mistake: put some pink in the mix and it will appeal to all girls and women. According to Marianne van Leeuwen  (author of the book: ‘Mag het iets minder roze’) taught me this spring already that feminizing an existing product is doomed to be a failure most of the time. Of course girls play in a different way, but the researchers of such a big label should have taken into consideration the social desires. And people start to get sick of that pink image related to girls and women. There is also another action group in England, just like Spark: Pinkstinks. Their demonstration has resulted that the big toys chain Hamleys stopped differentiating their segments into boys and girls. It would be nice if also Dutch stores like Bart Smit and Intertoys start questioning the lay-out of their stores: no longer separated by gender, but by types of toys!

Trendy sunglasses for sensitive baby and children’s eyes

eyetribe kinderzonnebril babystufGradually, parents start to become aware of the fact that the fragile eyes of children should be protected by sunglasses. At least, that was what I thought, but unfortunately research shows that many parents still let their children’s eyes exposed to bright sunlight. So some more instruction is necessary, and perhaps trendy ‘sunnies’ will help to convince the parents. What to think of the brand Eyetribe from Australia, the country where protection against the sun has become a science. For the really small ones, the Mini squids collection is available in five different colours for the age of zero until three. From three until ten, there is the Squids and the Franky range. This collection is also the most fashionable range. Girls can choose from fancy models with nice ‘bling bling’ details and for the boys there are ‘aviator’-models. The sunglasses provide UV 400-protection, and meet the highest quality demands. A useful detail: the Squids have foam inserts so they won’t sink like a rock, but float on the water instead!

Fashionable high chair for babies and infants

bloom-chrome-silver-cradle-cy01Oh gorgeous, this trendy children’s high chair ‘Fresco Chrome’ by Bloom…I blinked
my eyes a couple of times when I saw this chair at the trade fair. This Fresco
had already won the Baby Innovation Award in the Netherlands with its
extraordinary design and functionalities, and now this special edition in
silver is available. This chair, that can be adjusted in height, is a real eye
catcher in any interior. Above all however, it is a chair that can be adjusted
to and used at any stage; from baby to older infant. The chair features a truly
unique lying position for babies, a position for babies as well as infants
(with or without its own table) and a position for older children, that can be
used to about the age of eight. Furthermore, the chair is comfortably adjustable
to any height from table to kitchen bar, and its wheels allow it to be easily
maneuvered into position.

Children’s high chair Tripp Trapp a success for 40 years already

stokke-tripp-trapp-1972-2012Compared to the uneasy cube chair and other wooden giants, the introduction of the Tripp Trapp in 1972 was absolutely ground-breaking. The Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik looked at the seating concept of the child from an entirely different perspective: children should be able to be seated to the table at the right level immediately and be a part of family life. This children’s high chair evolves with the child, as its seating level and foot board can be adjusted both in height and depth. For the first time, the children’s high chair was considered as an ergonomic design in which the importance of the evolving child was in the centre of attention! I personally saw what an incredible man Peter Opsvik is; his workshop is packed with the most extraordinary chair designs, that all put emphasis on the view that humans were not created to sit still for hours in a fixed position. Therefore he designs chairs that encourage people to get active! And I have to admit; I’m a fan of the Tripp Trapp myself. My children have been sitting, eating, drawing, painting and tinkering on this chair for years, and when they grew old enough they were able to easily climb onto it themselves!

This year, the Tripp Trapp celebrates its 40-year anniversary with a limited edition in oiled beech and a signature of the designer. Perhaps Stokke thanks this anniversary to the active protection of their design; they did not hesitate to take legal measures when a chair that showed too much resemblance with their original design was introduced on the market. Besides that, Stokke never let go of the original design, and did not give in to the many requests to design a fitting table for the chair. The fact that you have to be careful with knocking over cups of milk, hot dishes and sharp cutlery, is just something that parents have to accept.