Barbie’s pink stroller!

NeoNato Synchro Romance pink BarbieOverhalf a million people watched the first episode of the Dutch reality show Barbie’s Baby, probably because everyone was a little curious of how the Oh Oh Cherso-star Samantha is doing. I watched as well, but to see all episodes won’t be an option for me. From the moment that Samantha knew she would get a girl as a baby, she went all pink. A pink baby room, pink clothing and a pink stroller! And of course this particular phenomenon was often in the picture. So for everyone who wants to know what the brand of this stroller is: it is a Neonato pink Synchro Romance Limited Edition. With thanks to the NeoNato distributor, who has started operating in the Netherlands shortly, from whom I received this information. NeoNato is an Italian label that focuses on parents who choose luxury and fashion. The limited editions Romance and Diamond stand out because of their ‘over the top’ luxurious materials, applications in the form of roses and real crystals. Therefore suitable for all future mothers who want to choose a typical girly stroller, a bit of luxury and glamour: consider this Italian label!


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