Baby feet and social media

baby_dutch_babyslofjes_i_shoe_zilver_1What’s the best moment for the first set of shoes for your child? When it really can set its first steps? Or right before that? If it was up to the child itself, there wouldn’t be any shoes at all, experts state. Because for good contact with the floor, walking on bare feet is the best for the development. That is why leather slippers are ideal because these suit the baby feet in the best possible way. The flexible leather forms well around the fragile baby feet, the rough sole of suede gives extra grip for the first steps on slippery floors. Baby Dutch is a supplier of baby slippers, and sells these funny iShoe baby slippers with a fabric design with all social media-icons on silver coloured leather.

Creative toddlers with Paper Town

papertown21Instead of all these plastic toys that aren’t really developed with a lot of fantasy, you can also offer your child something different. I used to love to work with crafts as a child and my children have spent quite some Wednesday afternoons playing with clays, cutting, drawing and painting till they got tired and rather spent some time on the computer. The crafts equipment was later stored in the closet and only came out once or twice when a project or poster needed to be made. I was immediately charmed by the new brand Paper Town. Not really for babies but lots of fun if your child grows a little older! These houses, playgrounds, gas stations, warehouses, cars and buses are inspired by the Polish city life, and are designed by Robert Czajka. Paper Town is available in 3 different sets, which you can combine. One set contains four plates of recycled cardboard with lively colour prints. Everything is punched into cardboard and easily pressed out and folded in each other. Glue or tools aren’t necessary, so it seems suitable for children who are not that creative too.

Update Baby Innovation Award 2013

baby-innovation-award-winner1We are getting ready for the Baby Innovation Award 2013 by BabyStuf! The great annual event for the baby product industry that, besides presenting many awards, also brings new and unknown possibilities to attract attention to innovative baby products. Especially in times like these, innovation is essential. Speaking of which, also our election is renewed on five points and made professional steps forward. To begin with, the jury welcomes a few new members. This year there are representatives of: radio QMusic, PR and fashion agencies,, Ouders van Nu, Kinderen, KEK Mama and design agency Buro Raak. Besides this, we thought it was time for a Mom Jury day, so moms can appoint their favourite products in daily life. Ouders van Nu will be responsible for this part and there is a special Ouders van Nu public prize linked to this. Also the winners will be chosen in a different way. The jury, Mom Jury Day and the online voters decide about them together. So there is a better balance between the jury, experiences of consumers and online voters. Moreover, voters from abroad will be excluded. Furthermore, attention will be given in an interactive way to the winners on the Negenmaandenbeurs (Nine Months fair). And to conclude, we will present the new logo that will be shown on all products and media utterances here.
Are you interested to participate in the elections? That is only possible until November 1st 2012. Participants can count on great promotion via trade journal BabyWereld, BabyStuf and the accompanying social media., The Nine Month Fair and Ouders van Nu! For more information, please visit or get in touch with the organization of the elections: BabyWereld & BabyStuf.

Bite toys in the shape of chocolate and a smartphone!

Jellystone BijtspeeltjeFunny, these new colourful toys for the really young ones from Jellystone Designs. Especially the shapes and colours are extraordinary. Teething is very annoying and biting something give your baby considerable relief. From now on, your teething baby will be able to chew safely on a chocolate bar or smartphone. They are made of 100% BPA-free silicones (this is the same material bake ware is made of) and they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. I am not completely sure if it is pedagogically responsible (so keep away your real smartphone and chocolate bars for now), but I love them!

Stokke launches Crusi and Scoot

stokke-kinderwagen1At the beginning of September, Stokke already provided us with a preview, but it had to remain a secret until the official introduction. And that moment has come! Stokke has just launched two new models of prams: the Stokke Crusi and the Stokke Scoot. Prior to their unveiling, Suzanne Zeedyk appeared at the press conference in Naarden. Zeedyk has been conducting scientific research for 25 years, and is currently studying the innate capability of babies to communicate with their parents from the very start of their lives. Babies are social creatures, and their brains will not develop sufficiently when they do not experience any interaction with others! Zeedyk therefore states that every designer of baby products should be aware of this. This fits perfectly to Stokke’s vision, which sets the interaction between babies and their parents in the center of attention (think of the Stokke Xplory!). The all new Stokke Crusi seems to be the most conventional of the two. We have been told that with this pram, unlike with most other prams, not the frame but the seat itself is in the center of attention. It is indeed quite large with its 80 cm in length, and on top of that it has a nice finish. The carriage can be used as a carry cot, a seat, a car seat and – with an optional sibling seat – as a duo pram, when you are blessed with two children in a short period of time. When using the last option however,  the baby at the bottom is directly facing the other seat. This does not make complete sense to me, after hearing Zeedyk’s views…

Parents searching for a more ‘on the go’ model, might prefer the Stokke Scoot. This pram is compact, lightweight and easily foldable with just one hand. Because of the high position of its seat, which can also be turned around to face the other way, this pram also fits to a high table in a café or a restaurant. It seems to be the ideal companion for traveling, doing some shopping or in public transport.

Death and birth, so close to each other

Past Sunday my father in law passed away after being seriously ill. He was 77 years old, an extraordinary man, full of life, always interested in what I did and a key figure in our family, a memorable man.  When I told my friends the sad news, they also reminded me it isn’t just a sad period, but a special one too. It seems as if there is a connection with all sorts of memories you have forgotten, a friend told me. That seems to be right; in the conversations between my husband and his brothers during the days we extensively got together, these memories and stories came up again. ‘Oh yes’, that’s true, was frequently called out. The concept father and mother gets a whole new meaning in comparison with the meanings we point out in our field. In my experience, saying goodbye to someone and the death of a beloved one changes something in the atmosphere. Something very special was, that on that moment, I remembered the birth of my children. Death and birth, two completely opposite events, and yet they are so close.

Doing groceries with your baby; a piece of cake with Pippi

pippiDoing groceries with your baby, how do you do it? Walking with your stroller and a shopping cart, pushing both at the same time? Or do you put your baby in the messy-looking seat of the shopping cart? And something else I often see: babies in a car seat that is put on top of the seat of the shopping cart. Whenever I see this, I cannot help to point out to the parents that this is a very unstable and dangerous situation. There has been an accident once where the car seat with the baby fell on the ground and the baby died.

Doing groceries is not my favourite thing to do. In my home life we do that once a week at most, even when my children were babies. Then there was always someone at home to take care of our babies. If I forgot something anyways, then I would manage just fine with my stroller. However, I needed to be careful not to buy groceries that were too big and wouldn’t fit in the little shopping basket of the stroller. For every mother who does like to do groceries with her baby, the Pippi Carrier from Kleine Dreumes is a very useful discovery. A very smart set of tubes that can easily be transformed into a stable frame that fits every shopping cart whenever you need it! On top of this frame you can secure the car seat safely with safety belts. When the groceries and your child are safe and sound back in the car, you can store the Pippi in the bag that is included.

Faster potty-trained with an intelligent potty

product_ipottyDid you know that potty training nowadays starts at a much later age than about 40 years ago? Nowadays children go potty at an average age of 2.5 years, while in the past this was already the case on an age of 18 months. This has to do with more tolerant parents, among other things, but also with the longer use of disposable diapers, according to experts. These diapers are so absorbing that children don’t even notice anymore that they wet their pants. Good business for the manufacturers of disposable diapers! Perhaps this ‘intelligent potty’ can help with getting your child potty trained faster. It’s a potty that makes the sound of flowing water when you’re peeing, so your child is more motivated to pee everything out. And when your child is done, there is a positive reinforcement by means of a message from mom or dad! On a potty like this, it should be easy to get your child potty trained faster. By the way, I do not fit in the target group. No matter what I suggested, my children just skipped the entire potty phase. They didn’t want to go potty, but just on the toilet for ‘big people’ instead!