Mop suit for babies

babymopsuit1This Baby Mop Suit makes your baby help in the household! American Mike Parker saw a Chinese video and decided to make a product of this idea. For 40 dollars the ‘Baby Mop Suit’ is for sale on He states five reasons why you should buy this suit: 1. You teach your baby a strong labour ethos in an early stage. 2. You teach your baby not to spill any food. 3. Your baby gets a good workout, burns energy and makes its muscles stronger and he/she will sleep better. 4. You don’t have to clean the floor yourself. 5. You save money on cleaning agents. The reactions that Mike gets are very different; ‘Your product is offensive, what a ridiculous product’, ‘What ever happened to letting your baby just be a baby?’ ‘Do you do them in adult sizes for when my hubbie crawls back from the pub?’ ‘This just seems like a terrible idea, why not just sweep up a pile of trash on your floor and let your kid crawl through that!’ But also: ‘Come on people, it’s a cute idea. Nothing wrong with a little humour here. It is not harming your baby in any way.’ Lets keep it with a joke indeed, it’s perfectly suitable for funny but weird Halloween suits…


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