Baby keep me warm!

winterblogAlso a bit troubled with the moody autumn days? I know I am. I can enjoy the blue sky and paint like autumn appearances, but the rain, wind and grey skies… In my baby time I lived in a new housing estate where they decided to build the roads only after everything else, so I regularly ploughed through the muddy roads and sandstorms with the stroller and my kids. I’ve always felt sorry for all those moms who have to walk or bike through all kinds of weather with their baby or child. But we will have to go through anyways, and with this nice stuff that will keep your baby or toddler nice and warm, you should manage! Bring it on with these beautiful baby ski suits of Tartine et Chocolate (pink and blue) or a white one from C&A, an aviator hat and winter accessories of Lodger, feet bag for your car seat of Wallaboo, feet bag with separated leg parts for the Stokke Xplory, a nice flannel baby pyjamas of Claesens, funny panda heads and gloves of Knitwits for your toddler and fur-lined winter boots of Bobux. And don’t forget this useful hands ‘warmer’ of Lodger, which you can attach to the push part of the stroller! This way we’ll make it through the winter…


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