Oilily multicolour buggy

oilily_blue_2oilily_yellow_11oilily_red_3The Dutch fashion brand Oilily has made a new start and focuses on the baby market too, with the introduction of the Oilily multicolour combibuggy. At the trade fair Kind + Jugend, we saw the first prototypes; a buggy and stroller in one. As we are used to of Oilily, this buggy jumps out with its colours and designs. What I find special is that the frame has the same colour of the covering: red, blue and yellow. I am curious when it will be possible to print a design on the frame! Also in terms of technique this stroller stands out with a completely new folding mechanism. With matching accessories like the caring bag, sunscreen and feet bag, the Oilily picture gets complete.


8 thoughts on “Oilily multicolour buggy

    • Hello Charlotte, thanks for your interest! I can tell you that the Oilily buggy will be launched somewhere in 2013, it’s not ready for consumer market up till now. I will keep you posted! Carola

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