Enjoy the winter with your baby in silver

red-castle-chanceliere-eskimo-silver-web 24 janThere is white snow and I see clear blue skies when I look outside. Yes, this is how winters are supposed to be! Then the snow ploughing, slippery walks and cold hands do not really matter anymore. And we can dress for the cold, right? For small children however, it is a different case. While we are on the move, they are idle in the freezing air, while sitting in a carrier, stroller or buggy. There are known cases of parents who went for a walk with their child in a carrier in the cold and found their babies limbs frozen once they returned. Not a very pleasant thought. So: no long strolls in the freezing air while your baby is idle and make sure your baby is dressed nicely and warm. For example in this beautiful Silver Collection by Red Castle, which has silver coloured ski suits, feet bags with a useful attachable extension, Combizip with shared leg compartments (useful in cars or on bikes!). For moms and dads, there are even matching hand warmers in silver for the stroller.red-castle-combi-troika-feather-light-silver-web 24 jan

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