Week of fame

uitreiking-baby-innovation-awards-negenmaandenbeurs 22 febThe Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’) has not even come to a close, but we have already had such wonderful days! First of all, directly after the opening, we announced the winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award at our stand. Thanks to their unique innovations, the six winners were granted their awards and certificates. The winner of the Ouders van Nu Consumer Award was even offered a full page advertisement in Ouders van Nu (‘Today’s Parents’). Everyone had a great time! Immediately afterwards, the hectics started as broadcasting company RTL 4 appeared to make a news item on the Sirona Cybex and the new isize-standard for children’s car seats, that is expected to be implemented at the end of this year. The isize-standard states that children should be transported facing backwards as much as possible, in which not the weight but the length of the child is of importance, hence the name. Children’s car seat Sirona by Cybex is even ahead of this standard. That evening, the RTL 4 News extensively discussed this new seat as well as the standard. During lunchtime, AT5 a regional broadcasting company from Amsterdam, also visited us. Fortunately they had announced their visit, so the winners were also present to tell something about their innovations for mums and their babies. The item was aired immediately that same afternoon. When I returned home, I got a phone call from the Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch national newspaper) to discuss the new isize-standard. My answers were incorporated nicely in an informative article that was posted in the Algemeen Dagblad yesterday. Last week I was also interviewed by HDC Media for their weekend-supplement Vrij. We discussed the Mama Masterclasses we offer here at BabyStuf. You see; hardy any time for spotting new gadgets on the fair, but I had a wonderful week!carola-9mndbeurs 22 feb

The new, cool Bugaboo Buffalo

bugaboo-buffalo-babytrendwatcher 18 febThat’s the result when you have not visited the post office for some days due to the activities concerning the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’). In our mailbox was a press release about the new all-terrain stroller Bugaboo Buffalo. An all-terrain stroller by Bugaboo? Fancy name! We would like to know everything about it. I cannot really see the all-terrain aspect of it by throwing a quick glance on it, but we have to take a closer look. It has a high and spacious seat for children up to 23 kilograms and a retractable suncover for more protection against harsh weather conditions. I guess it has tougher wheels, but I am not completely sure. The Buffalo has plenty of space for storing things; the luggage net can hold up to 10 kilograms and other groceries can be suspended from the hooks on the pushbar. Many strollers can tip over due to the weight on the pushbar (such as groceries), whereas the Buffalo seems to be the first stroller that comes with a safety certificate for more than 6 kilograms suspended from the pushbar. That is a smart move by Bugaboo, but I then would like to know what the maximum weight is and how to control this as a mother doing groceries? Furthermore, the stroller looks robust and cool, although it shows many similarities with the Cameleon. This though ‘brother’ is available with a black or sand-coloured frame and with off-white, red, pink, petrol, blue, royal blue or black upholstery. I would also like to show you the various possibilities the Buffalo offers you. It will be available from the middle of March.bugaboo-buffalo-babytrendwatcher-2 18 feb

Winners of BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award announced

yoyo-babyzen 15 febThe winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award have been announced! The votes from the jury, as well as from the mothers at the ‘Ouders van Nu’ jury day and all the online voters have each made up one third of the votes for the final decision. This year, the awards go to: Sirona by Cybex; the car seat that can be used from birth up to 18 kilograms, in which your child is seated with its back towards the front. The IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor by Alecto; the first plug and play video intercom that is operated using an app. The BeSafe Pregnancy IZI FIX; a car safety belt for pregnant women. The Original Ba; a bottle-holder that is easy to use for babies themselves from a young age. The Bednest; a cosleeper that enables you to let your baby sleep close to your bed in a safe way. Milestone Baby Cards; cards that enable you to visually capture the very first milestones your child achieves. And to conclude: the special ‘Ouders van Nu’ Consumer Award was for the YoYo buggy by BabyZen; a very easily foldable buggy that you can take with you as hand luggage in an airplane.

We are now getting ready for the presentation of the awards at the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’), where the BabyStuf team will praise the winners. All nominees get the opportunity to demonstrate their product in the mornings. And perhaps even they will have to go to the makeup room during lunchtime, as AT5, the regional broadcasting company from Amsterdam, will attend the presentation to ask the winners what makes the winning products so special!

A unique decoration for a good cause

kiddycolors 11 febLife on the countryside is not always easy for women in countries far away from here. Men are often dominant in these communities, and on the countryside there is a shortage of nearly everything. Last year I went to the incredible Kenia to celebrate something with my family. There I could see with my own eyes what a good job the founders of Kenana Knitters do. 500 women learn to spin and knit and get a fair wage for it. Also medical care and training was taken care of. With this, they can increase their standards of living and that of their children. This also influences the entire community they live in. But most of all it is a social happening. I saw these women enjoy a chat while knitting these beautiful stuffed animals with their children playing around in the meantime.

Recently I received a press release from Renske de Gee about a similar initiative. Renske migrated to Thailand in 2010 and decided to start a business there. By the name of KiddyColors, she teaches women from Thailand and Burma to make gifts for children and baby showers. An example of the sort of gifts they make are these very nice decorations, which you can design yourself. The women work under good circumstances and get a fair pay. By doing this, the founder wants to make the life of these women a little brighter. Renske asked if we could give this some attention. I did not have to think twice about that!

Joolz Day Tokyo celebrates the symbol of new life

joolz-day-tokyo-web 6 febHere in the West, people do not really think about the symbols of new life. In Japan however, they do this very well. The Japanese illustrator Hiyoko Imai worked on the Joolz Day Tokyo. It resulted in a list of wishes the life of the baby lying in this stroller. The symbols that Imai wants to bring across stand for a bright future and good luck. To illustrate this, she made a pine tree that symbolises youthfulness and a long life. The bamboo symbolizes strength. The plum stands for beauty and optimism in times of need. The black frame of the stroller forms a stylish combination with the black fabric of the crib and the chair. A special velvet-like fabric was chosen. The push- and safety bar are made of comfortable brown leather, which has been stitched with beautiful red thread. The Joolz Day Tokyo will be delivered completely including frame, seat, crib, shopping basket, rain cover, sleeping bag, a special designed parasol and furoshiki; a traditional, multifunctional cover. If you want this stroller, be quick! This limited edition will be available from February. Perhaps a relieve: at the BabyStuf.nl stand at the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’) you can win one!