Never lose a pacifier or stuffed animal ever again

paciplushie babytrendwatcherWhenever my eldest son went to bed, he would take his pacifier and his friend, a stuffed animal, with him. It was only until his teeth moved forward in a way that a pacifier is affecting him negatively; I decided to quit the weaning age. They were inseparable, the animal and pacifier, and it was hard for him to say goodbye without tears. When the pacifier was out of the picture, the stuffed animal stayed. Losing a pacifier or stuffed animal, which your kid loves so much, can be a very sad occurrence, as I know from experience. Paci-Plushies offer a solution, cuddly toys, which can be attached to a pacifier. I spotted these on the ‘Nine Months Fair’ in The Netherlands and got one as a present for the editorial office.  The toy can be attached to a pacifier using a tiny flexible ring and are produced in various funny and colorful animals. This means, no more searching for a lost pacifier or toy! If you desire to wash the stuffed animal or quit the weaning age just like I did, you can easily detach the pacifier and use them separately!

Babytrendwatcher launches unique website

Mama-Masterclasses-webSeven years ago, I launched and a catalog to help all the new-parents by rating the best products available per category. As the website became more independent, the amount of pages in the catalog increased rapidly. Catalogs are outdated and the baby-branch requested more online possibilities. After a long time of brainstorming and speaking to experts, I have decided we should do it differently. The time has come, the new website BabyStuf 8.0 is online! 365 days a year, babytrendwatching, hundreds of new baby products, trendy brands, reviews. Besides all this, BabyStuf 8.0 offers tips about buying products, instructional videos, inspiration and expert blogs. We also implemented interactive Mama Moodboards on our website, where visitors can create their very own moodboard such as Pinterest and letting them share with friends and family. Another thing that has been bothering me for years, is the fact that consumers can only gain information from magazines, flyers and the producers’ very own websites. But what do you truly need, in order to use your baby products in the right way?  I am willing to give you this information, which many people don’t get in their pregnancy stage. Therefore, I introduced the Mama Masterclasses; no information about pregnancy-yoga, giving birth and the post-pregnancy depressions, but just tips and tricks, information and experiences about countless baby products. Some classes have been developed and further improved with the expert-team of Subscribing for the 9-week term of Mama Masterclasses  is completely free. So head on over to our website,, and let us know what you think!


The Case: unique baby room furniture

letterkast3 10 maartWhen I think of the word ‘letter box’, I think of old wooden cabinets in which printing offices used to store lead letters for printing. They were totally hot in the 70s for displaying miniatures. But the new children’s furniture brand ‘Minius’, founded by Anne-Marleen and Paul de Nooy, have breathed new life into the word ‘letterbox’. I am very enthusiastic about their unique product that will be launched in early April. The cupboards are shaped like a letter, 1 meter in height and 20 cm in depth. The width depends on the letter. Every letter in the alphabet will soon be available in endless color variations and with customized back panels. The special shaped cupboards are made in their own studio and because some characters simply require more work than others (think of bending wood for the letter ‘Q’!), the price varies for each cupboard. What a good idea to have a cupboard shaped like the first letter of the name of your child!. It serves as a great display for small baby items or to just use it to store your kid’s toys. Sounds like a great baby shower gift to me!letterkast6 10 maart

Alternative to plastic baby bottles

pacific-babyfles-babytrendwatcher 5 maartAfter various countries decided to ban the hormone-disrupting substance BPA (Bisphenol A) from the baby bottle industry, I see an increasing amount of alternatives. First of all, the glass bottle has reappeared. Glass is a natural product, it can sustain high temperatures and apparently, fluids stay hot for a longer time in a glass bottle. Moreover, a glass bottle is more hygienic and no scratches will appear on it. However…it can be broken, obviously. New alternatives are made of stainless steel, just like this Pacific Babybottle. It is a thermal baby bottle made of high-quality isolated stainless steel, that causes a ‘clean taste’. After all, stainless steel has already been used in many restaurant kitchens! These extraordinary bottles can keep fluids hot or cold for up to ten hours. The bottles have a wide neck and a convenient calibration on the inside. These bottles are perfectly suited for expressing, storing and feeding breast milk. And another good thing to know: it is strong and lightweight and will last at least five years, so it is durable! When your children get older, you can simply put a drinking cap or sports cap on it! The jury for the Baby Innovation Award thought it was worth a nomination.