Evolu: cheeky highchair

childwood Evolu_high-chair babytrendwatcherNowadays, children seats are not only for eating meals, but actually make your kid part of the social family life. This Evolu children’s highchair, produced by the Belgian brand Childwood, easily slides next to your cooking island (90 cm) or any other ordinary dining table (75 cm), and besides this, the chair can also be used as a small seat (30 cm). I recognize various elements from great furniture designers, but the Evolu certainly has its own twist to it and the stability and safety belt sure add to the safety of this chair. Adjusting heights is a piece of cake and can easily be done by modifying the chairs’ legs. The Evolu is produced as 2-in-1 (99,95 euros, retail price) and with an extra set, even the table height is adjustable. An extra table board or seat cushion will be available in stores separately. However, you should wait until your little tablemate is able to sit, as the chair is designed for children of 6 months to 6 years in age.

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