Swimming lessons for newborn baby in BabySwimmer

At first I was shocked seeing this video. A baby just floating in a full bathtub! With floaties, not around the waist or arms, but around the neck of the child! I just had to figure out what it was! I contacted BabySwimmer babytrendwatcherthe distributor and he explained me that it was the BabySwimmer, designed by a Russian grandfather. He found it inconvenient that as a parent you have to bend over everytime you bathe your child. Meanwhile, there are thousands of Russian children floating in the bathtub using the BabySwimmer. The video’s show that babies actually love using the BabySwimmer, they can float and move around, push themselves forward and just relax. The BabySwimmer gives babies the idea like if they were still in their mother’s womb! Even hyperactive children find the BabySwimmer the perfect solution. The distributor told me that after their ‘swimming lesson’ they don’t want to leave the bathtub and how they fall asleep right after they have left the bathtub! The perfect solution for bad sleepers as well! You should check out this video.  The use is very simple: the BabySwimmer has two horseshoe shaped chambers which you need to inflate, then you just open the BabySwimmer a little and slide it around the neck of your child. You close the Velcro latches on both sides and you kid is ready to swim! On holiday’s for in the pool the BabySwimmer is the ideal solution, deflated and folded it takes about no space in your bag. I will just notice this for safety purposes, even though it is on the packaging, ALWAYS stay with your child! (I’m surprised there are people who want to miss these swimming lessons!). The BabySwimmer has a very appealing price tag but is temporary even cheaper to order from www.BabyStuf.nl !

Watch the video:

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