Origami stroller unfolds automatically

babytrendwatcher 4moms origami strollerThe demo at the international Kind + Jugend beurs was impressive, a stroller that can fold and unfold itself by pressing a button! It seems like every mother’s dream, because every parent has had some trouble with folding the stroller, sometimes even with a baby on the other arm. The American label 4Moms brings us the solution: the Origami. The Origami will come to the Netherlands with an impressive amount of high tech extra functions, including a built-in charger for your cell-phone, safe front and street lights, a thermometer and even an odometer! With the Origami, you will know how fast you walk, the distance walked and what the outside temperature is. The battery, hidden between the rear wheels, charges by walking the stroller. Two cupholders are found on the holding rail of the stroller, two more next to the child’s seat and there are plenty of other places for additional storage potential.

And how does it look? In my opinion, American strollers don’t always win the beauty award. A little too much plastic, often in terrible pastel colours and built for a small trip to the mall and not for long hikes. However, with the Origami, the designers sure did their best. At first sight, the black and spiderlike frame looks big, but the bright inserts combine perfectly with the black seating and the hood. A travel cradle is optionally available. It can be used on smooth and/or rough surfaces, but in my perspective it looks like it is built for city terrain.

Until now, thumbs up, but there are some disadvantages that come with it as well. The stroller isn’t exactly a ‘lightweight’ with its 15 kg. Despite the fact that the stroller folds on its own, you still have to carry it in or out of the car! The shopping basket on the bottom is very small and I don’t find much use to it. Finally, the stroller is very pricy, for this high tech stroller you would have to pay 995 euro.

Have a look at their video:

Feel like papering with Cosas Minimas

babytrendwatcher Cosas minimasSometimes, I see products pass by that really impress me. This is one of them. This wallpaper collection Cosas Minimas, made by the Spanish illustrator Blanca Gomez, is astonishing. The simplicity, the faded colors and the great illustrations amplify the retro feeling in the children’s room. This collection contains bicycling, hot-air balloons, circus artists and city views of Picadilly, Time Square and St. Germain. A visit to her website will show you plenty of her other great works http://cosasminimas.com The wallpaper is produced by Coordonné in Spain and every theme is available in different shades. It might not be the cheapest wallpaper, but it sure is unique. Special in a way, that you immediately feel like decorating your walls of your nursery of children’s rooms…