Lapin & Me room lights

lapin and me babytrendwatcherWhether it is for the living room or your child’s bedroom, I find lamps one of the hardest things to buy. But they still are very important for the design of your child’s bedroom! I have searched everywhere for a couple of beautiful children’s lamps. But besides the standard Ikea moon and star and a wooden pendant in the shape of a helicopter I did not find anything. I was so desperate, that I took my fretsaw and just got to work. I made an enlargement from a key element on the wallpaper, because I had found beautiful wallpaper. Fortunately, I have the creative talent of my mother and then you can get a whole lot of work done, Creative Carola! The lamp has hung above my child’s cradle for years until the time had passed, it was too ‘baby’, not appealing for a growing toddler.

However, I would like to rearrange a nursery with the current products available. For example, consider these lights of the English company Lapin & me that we saw at the trade show ‘Kleine Fabriek’, available in white, pink, green, blue and yellow. Nice to know: they are hand painted and finished. And for the fans, there are also Lapin music boxes, pillows and other accessories available on the market. For the same retro feel, here is an image of the sisters Woodland Dolls. They were first made ​​by a Japanese company in the 70s as a tiny figure. After some negotiation with the manufacturer, these toys are made ​​exclusively for Lapin & me.woodland doll lapin and me babytrendwatcher

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