Reborn babies touching or scary?

reborn doll babytrendwatcherDo you know the concept reborn baby? I did not until today, but after some research I know more. Reborn babies are made ​​by a small group of artists, called reborners, worldwide. Like Beatrice Landeghem in Belgium, and Marga van Koert-Sante in the Netherlands. They make baby dolls that scary enough, resemble real babies, eyes, eyelashes and hair, I can’t tell the difference. Even the weight seems to be correct. Many layers of paint are applied with specific characteristics on a vinyl head.

They are made for avid collectors who search the internet and fairs and sometimes treat these dolls as their own. Collected by treating parents and grandparents that can’t let go the image of a little baby and for parents who have lost theirs… In that case, the doll has been made into a replica of their passed child. Critics wonder whether these dolls can help in the grieving process. The fact is, that these dolls have such a lifelike appearance that they are saved by others from parked cars, they are mistaken for real babies.

source image: alford-massachusetts

8 thoughts on “Reborn babies touching or scary?

  1. I am interested in getting a hispanic baby. With moving eyes, a reborner, my set of twin boys died at 5 months, and i am now incapable of having anymore children. I am not a rich woman, on disability for being a female combat servic e connected veteran. Could you please give me some input into this process.

  2. Dear Traci, I am so sorry to hear that from you. I don’t know in which country you live but I know for sure there are several persons living worldwide who could make reborn babies for you, but I will forward your message to two women in The Netherlands and ask them to get in touch with you ok? Kind regards, Carola

  3. Hello im interested in purchasing a reborn baby. I love the pic of the baby at the top of this page. I’m in the US. Please help my daughter birthday is this month and I’m lost. Please help

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