Joolz sells more than just strollers

Joolz 1 babytrendwatcher

Selling a stroller is one thing, but it is all about sending a message. That is something Joolz accomplishes. ‘Buying a stroller is just a single moment, however we are trying to add more to this, think of positivity, health, a meaningful message,’ says managing director Stan Vermeulen during the press convention in the Joolz Day Studio in the Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. There are plenty of examples: the packaging of Joolz strollers is truly unique, you can use it for making either a chair, birdhouse or a mobile for baby’s room. The Joolz team drives in electric cars and they lunch organically from nearby farmers. One tree is planted for each registered baby at Joolz. ‘We are not the greenest, but certainly try to do our part’ said Stan.
There was stroller news: founder Emile Kuenen presented the new Joolz Day Studio Noir and Gris, influenced by French haute couture and a unique tailor-made program. In this program, parents are able to create a tailor-made stroller with a choice of frame colors, fabrics, handles, safety bars, labels and zippers. The Configurator program on the site is exceptionally clever: this custom-made stroller can be shared with others.
The day ended with a fitness workshop given by personal trainer Radmilo Soda for famous Dutch singer Do and other pregnant women. This workshop and several other courses are available on their website, since Joolz likes to contribute to a healthy pregnancy. It is clear, the label Joolz does not only sell strollers, but also a positive and honest story!
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Luxurious baby room beneath the stars

ChelseaSleighRoom babytrendwatcherAre you looking for a luxurious baby room? You might think this is a bit ‘too much’ for us as the sober Dutch, however these baby rooms are not only sold to international celebrities but these are sold to ‘Jan Modaal’ in Holland as well. You do have to reach deep into your wallet, prices from 1700 to 2800 euros for a bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe are no exception. But than you have something outstanding, in comparison with the ordinary white and whitewash babyrooms of today. A good example is this Chelsea Lifetime from the USA. This luxurious baby room has been built from scratch exclusively using environmental-friendly wood.
Another special feature is that all ‘cribs’ can be build from crib to toddler or adult bed. You can also check out the more local European brands Picci and Dili Best. And if you really want to give your baby room ‘a finishing touch’ and you can afford it, then hire an interior designer who can style your baby room with bed sheets, carpet, curtains and a ‘custom made’ night lamp!

Ecological furniture design by Jäll und Tofta

Kind + Jugend 2013: kidsroomZOOM! Jäll & ToftaAt the upcoming Kind und Jugend, a new pavilion recently opened: called kidsroomZOOM. Here are some special designs for baby rooms and children’s rooms, so I am definitely paying them a visit. One of the participants of which I am impressed, is Jäll und Tofta. Passionate designers from Berlin and specializing in ecological design that is made in Germany, therefore quality is assured! To give you a taste.

Story Telling pajamas

babytrendwatcher  smart pyjamaBrilliant or lazy? An American father of six children invented the Smart PJ’s, pajamas telling stories before bedtime. How it works? The 47 groups of colored dots are read as braille using a special app with your smartphone or tablet that results in telling a bedtime story. Older children can even read along. After a long day of work, all you have to do is listen in! The aim is to bring more apps to the market with themes like holidays, songs and games. The pajamas remain the same, although the story changes constantly. The interactive Smart PJ’s are available at Walmart for around 19 Euro and are for children that are 1 to 8 years of age. Watch the video!

Stylish on the road with the new Mutsy strollers

Mutsy Igo lite aqua babytrendwatcherThe Dutch family business Mutsy caused quite a stir with the introduction of a completely new frame in the 90’s. An engineering marvel. Up to this day, this so-called Z-shaped frame still is the starting point for all of Mutsy strollers. Parents can choose from five different modular stroller systems so that all parents can choose one that suits them the best. They recently introduced the Mutsy IGo and compact Exo. The IGo model offers an ultra-light carrycot for on the road and a royal comfort model. The stroller seat is made out of a soft three-dimensional shaped cushion and can be clicked on the frame in two different ways. The back of the seat and leg rest are both fully adjustable and the protective hood can be enlarged, very useful for the lying position. The stroller can even be folded compactly, weighing only 8.4 kg and can be easily stored and worn with a convenient carrying handle. You can choose between air or lightweight foam tires, a black or silver frame and combine it with 12 different kinds of coating. The leather-look handle and the bumper bar really complete the picture. The smaller and more compact Exo combi stroller has a lightweight travel cot which only weighs 3.4 kg, has various accessories and looks very stylish. The adjustable backrest ensures optimum comfort for the baby as it sleeps. Again you can choose between: large mutsy Exo buggy babytrendwatcherlightweight foam tires and small buggy wheels. Both choices guarantee a smooth ride. Besides the carrycot and the hooded seat, the Safe2go, the Traveller and the Maxi-Cosi carseat, fit on the neatly designed frame. Both are beautiful Dutch designs and are selected from the 655 submission for the Dutch Design Award with a reason. Fingers crossed that they will win in October!