Luxurious baby room beneath the stars

ChelseaSleighRoom babytrendwatcherAre you looking for a luxurious baby room? You might think this is a bit ‘too much’ for us as the sober Dutch, however these baby rooms are not only sold to international celebrities but these are sold to ‘Jan Modaal’ in Holland as well. You do have to reach deep into your wallet, prices from 1700 to 2800 euros for a bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe are no exception. But than you have something outstanding, in comparison with the ordinary white and whitewash babyrooms of today. A good example is this Chelsea Lifetime from the USA. This luxurious baby room has been built from scratch exclusively using environmental-friendly wood.
Another special feature is that all ‘cribs’ can be build from crib to toddler or adult bed. You can also check out the more local European brands Picci and Dili Best. And if you really want to give your baby room ‘a finishing touch’ and you can afford it, then hire an interior designer who can style your baby room with bed sheets, carpet, curtains and a ‘custom made’ night lamp!

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