Designer cradle Cascara by Babycotpod

babycodpot Cascara babytrendwatcher
Contemporary, Creative and Caring are the three C’s the Babycotpod team follows. Their first design is the Cascara cradle. This cradle is a beauty, handmade out of fiberglass and designed with much detail. The polished surface of the cradle does not have a single scratch or line. The bottom of the cradle is built with ventilation holes and the dented bottom ensures a healthy air-circulation and sleeping climate, even when this cradle is placed on the floor. The cradle is available in shiny white and other colours. A stand, matrass, sheet and bumper on the inside is included. An exclusive product, but very well designed, imagine your baby lying in this one-of-a-kind cradle… Now also available in The Netherlands!

MilkSense Brestfeeding Sensor

milksense 2 babytrendwatcher

Brestfeeding mothers often ask themselves whether their baby drank enough and how much. MilkSense by SML Success might be the solution! This Israeli company has spent the last few years working on this revolutionary device. It might look complicated, but actually is very simple. MilkSense measures the amount of milk that your baby drinks in milliliters and notes on which breast the measurement took place. As a mother, you immediately know how much milk you have passed on to your child. The ergonomically shaped device is placed on the upper side of the breast, and after breastfeeding your baby, this is done once again. That’s all!
A portable scale to measure your baby is included. Another unique thing I want to point out is the MilkSense PC Suite, software that translates the measurements into a detailed analyses of the nutrition and growth of your baby. In the scene of the upcoming World Brestfeeding Week, this should be a great product for mothers that want more certainty. At the professional fair this product won the Baby Innovation Award at Kind und Jugend, I am looking forward to seeing this product being introduced on Dutch market!

The Nuna family grows with stroller IVVI

nuna IVVI babytrendwatcher

The Nuna family grows, besides baby seat Leaf, buggy Pepp, carseat Pipa, highchair Zaaz and carrycot Sena, they introduce the Nuna stroller named Ivvi! Ivvi can be used with a carseat, carrycot and an adjustable seat. This is a complete and compact system that can be used from birth until the end of the toddler period. Folding the stroller does not require you to remove the seat. Ivvi offers a few more extra’s: the wheels can be removed to limit the compact size of the stroller even further. Once fully folded, the stroller stands up straight. The hood is implemented with a little see-through window of mesh and an extendable sunscreen. When driving on rough terrain, the handle bar allows you to pull the stroller behind you like one would with a trolley. What I personally like about the design is that they have paid attention to the baby on its own: the carrycot and the seat offer enough space for the baby stretch or to sleep on its back !

Amazing cooperation between EasyWalker and MINI

easywalker mini babytrendwatcher

The Dutch label EasyWalker introduces the EasyWalker MINI stroller. It’s has become a beautiful collaboration between EasyWalker and MINI, the car brand. It should be obvious: this stroller is designed for parents who are looking for a compact and tough looking stroller. As far as the coating of the stroller goes, parents can choose from MINI’s famous stripes chilli red, stripes laser blue, stripes black, union jack or completely black jack. A unique feature is the ability to adjust the stroller to their liking, with a choice of five designs, black or silver frame, black or white wheels and various accessories such as footmuff, blanket, umbrella and nursery. The leather handle bar provides the finishing touch to the baby’s first car. In terms of driveability and ease of use, this stroller is an all-rounder, it steers smoothly when driving on both rough and smooth terrain and it can be used from birth because of the reversible and foldable carrycot. This will save you a lot of time! Also, the stroller fits in the smallest car trunk when fully folded.