Clever coat for mother and baby

babytrendwatcher mamalila

Carrying your child is a joy for both of you. Whilst keeping your hands free, you can access places where you can hardly get with a stroller. When the weather is nice, carrying your baby shouldn’t be an issue. However, what if it is windy, cold or rainy outside? The German brand Mamalila has found a solution, a unique, waterproof and windproof coat specially designed for pregnant or baby-carrying women. During your pregnancy period you can enlarge the abdomen area by zipping in an extra insert. The coat is long enough, so no worries about a cold back or tummy! If you want to carry your baby, you can zip in a different insert with hoodie. After your pregnancy period and when your child is too big to carry, you can keep wearing this unique coat, just unzip the inserts! This coat seems to be designed specifically for the harsh Dutch climate!

Baby knits by Tibbington

Tibbington babytrendwatcher

The new Dutch brand Tibbington designs and creates baby clothing and accessories. All knitted, cute and comfortable. There are a couple of different lines. The Fair Trade line is made in the Philippines and focusses on colorful basics. The Granny’s line is knitted by grandmas in Limburg, Netherlands that have time to spend. The Original collection consists of knits in earthly shades made in a knitting factory in Europe. This unique and bestselling baby cocoon with hat is from the Orginal collection. I hope it still feels comfortable, as it is made with a chunky knit, but a beautiful picture anyway.

Tough looking diaperbag by Tribal Baby

tribal baby luiertas babytrendwatcher

Tribal Baby launches a new collection of diaperbags for the trendy mommies out there in light-gray, brandy and black with a lot of detail. While looking tough, it still keeps a calm view, the combination that Tribal Baby is known for. Besides, these bags will obviously still be of good use after the baby period. A completely new range in the field of nursing, think of diaper wallets, changing mats and storage bags for the box and bed, is what Tribal Baby is aiming for this year.