Break for out-of-control strollers

navigator lifestyle hero


Every now and then I read another news message talking about an out-of-control stroller. These are strollers that weren’t tied down properly and accidentally rolled off a steep hill into a lake or onto the railway. This is every mother’s nightmare, but it is still happens from time to time. There are moments where you don’t constantly want to think about the brake, whilst keeping your hands free. Meeting someone you know on the street, your phone rings or you want to grab a few things out of your bag. This is why the new Navigator by Phil & Teds with auto-stop feature is a great and inventive idea. Besides the common brakes, a thin braking bar is implemented in the pushing handle, the braking bar is released and the stroller will stop moving. If you want to move again, simply push the braking bar into the pushing handle and the brake is released. It is possible to lock the braking bar in place if you wish not to use it. I think the Navigator is an all-round stroller, its lean frame, small turning circle and 26 driving options makes this a very user friendly stroller.

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