Designer cradle Cascara by Babycotpod

babycodpot Cascara babytrendwatcher
Contemporary, Creative and Caring are the three C’s the Babycotpod team follows. Their first design is the Cascara cradle. This cradle is a beauty, handmade out of fiberglass and designed with much detail. The polished surface of the cradle does not have a single scratch or line. The bottom of the cradle is built with ventilation holes and the dented bottom ensures a healthy air-circulation and sleeping climate, even when this cradle is placed on the floor. The cradle is available in shiny white and other colours. A stand, matrass, sheet and bumper on the inside is included. An exclusive product, but very well designed, imagine your baby lying in this one-of-a-kind cradle… Now also available in The Netherlands!

Luxurious baby room beneath the stars

ChelseaSleighRoom babytrendwatcherAre you looking for a luxurious baby room? You might think this is a bit ‘too much’ for us as the sober Dutch, however these baby rooms are not only sold to international celebrities but these are sold to ‘Jan Modaal’ in Holland as well. You do have to reach deep into your wallet, prices from 1700 to 2800 euros for a bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe are no exception. But than you have something outstanding, in comparison with the ordinary white and whitewash babyrooms of today. A good example is this Chelsea Lifetime from the USA. This luxurious baby room has been built from scratch exclusively using environmental-friendly wood.
Another special feature is that all ‘cribs’ can be build from crib to toddler or adult bed. You can also check out the more local European brands Picci and Dili Best. And if you really want to give your baby room ‘a finishing touch’ and you can afford it, then hire an interior designer who can style your baby room with bed sheets, carpet, curtains and a ‘custom made’ night lamp!

Ecological furniture design by Jäll und Tofta

Kind + Jugend 2013: kidsroomZOOM! Jäll & ToftaAt the upcoming Kind und Jugend, a new pavilion recently opened: called kidsroomZOOM. Here are some special designs for baby rooms and children’s rooms, so I am definitely paying them a visit. One of the participants of which I am impressed, is Jäll und Tofta. Passionate designers from Berlin and specializing in ecological design that is made in Germany, therefore quality is assured! To give you a taste.

Lapin & Me room lights

lapin and me babytrendwatcherWhether it is for the living room or your child’s bedroom, I find lamps one of the hardest things to buy. But they still are very important for the design of your child’s bedroom! I have searched everywhere for a couple of beautiful children’s lamps. But besides the standard Ikea moon and star and a wooden pendant in the shape of a helicopter I did not find anything. I was so desperate, that I took my fretsaw and just got to work. I made an enlargement from a key element on the wallpaper, because I had found beautiful wallpaper. Fortunately, I have the creative talent of my mother and then you can get a whole lot of work done, Creative Carola! The lamp has hung above my child’s cradle for years until the time had passed, it was too ‘baby’, not appealing for a growing toddler.

However, I would like to rearrange a nursery with the current products available. For example, consider these lights of the English company Lapin & me that we saw at the trade show ‘Kleine Fabriek’, available in white, pink, green, blue and yellow. Nice to know: they are hand painted and finished. And for the fans, there are also Lapin music boxes, pillows and other accessories available on the market. For the same retro feel, here is an image of the sisters Woodland Dolls. They were first made ​​by a Japanese company in the 70s as a tiny figure. After some negotiation with the manufacturer, these toys are made ​​exclusively for Lapin & me.woodland doll lapin and me babytrendwatcher

Feel like papering with Cosas Minimas

babytrendwatcher Cosas minimasSometimes, I see products pass by that really impress me. This is one of them. This wallpaper collection Cosas Minimas, made by the Spanish illustrator Blanca Gomez, is astonishing. The simplicity, the faded colors and the great illustrations amplify the retro feeling in the children’s room. This collection contains bicycling, hot-air balloons, circus artists and city views of Picadilly, Time Square and St. Germain. A visit to her website will show you plenty of her other great works The wallpaper is produced by Coordonné in Spain and every theme is available in different shades. It might not be the cheapest wallpaper, but it sure is unique. Special in a way, that you immediately feel like decorating your walls of your nursery of children’s rooms…

Glow in the dark playmat

babytrendwatcher-arte-espina-glow-in-the-dark-kleedA dark bedroom can be quite scary for children. Although it didnt bother my oldest son too much, there has been a time where we had to scare away all the monsters in his bedroom, overall he is a good sleeper. However, my youngest son has a less rational mind, has a great imagination which caused him to imagine the most fearful things that can occur in a few square meters. Besides a small night light, even the main lamp in his room had to illuminate every corner of the room in order for him to fall asleep. After he fell asleep, I would sneak into his room and turn off the light. After his pre-school time, the door remained open, and the light in the hallway would still make him feel comfortable. He would have been so happy with this glow in the dark playmat, distributed by Arte Espina. The light woven patches would light up in the dark. A very nice and creative invention for little children!

Danish accessories for your children’s room

roommate babytrendwatcherDenmark is not only known for leading fashion brands, but also in terms of furniture design and specific designs for children. The label ‘Roommate’ is a good example. The design team Christine Schwarzer and Anne Birgitte Balle design new and innovative products to stimulate a good environment for kids to play in their world of fantasy. The versatile and attractive designs fit in with the rest of the interior, since children don’t exclusively play in their room. They have designed small backpacks Zoobags, comical beanbags HappyCat, owl clothing hooks UhhUhh. Besides all this, they offer a colorful collection of textiles, dolls and wall lamps. For once a non-standard room with pink accessories, but for all the boys-mothers (I am one as well) accessories in shades of brown, yellow and turquoise!

Evolu: cheeky highchair

childwood Evolu_high-chair babytrendwatcherNowadays, children seats are not only for eating meals, but actually make your kid part of the social family life. This Evolu children’s highchair, produced by the Belgian brand Childwood, easily slides next to your cooking island (90 cm) or any other ordinary dining table (75 cm), and besides this, the chair can also be used as a small seat (30 cm). I recognize various elements from great furniture designers, but the Evolu certainly has its own twist to it and the stability and safety belt sure add to the safety of this chair. Adjusting heights is a piece of cake and can easily be done by modifying the chairs’ legs. The Evolu is produced as 2-in-1 (99,95 euros, retail price) and with an extra set, even the table height is adjustable. An extra table board or seat cushion will be available in stores separately. However, you should wait until your little tablemate is able to sit, as the chair is designed for children of 6 months to 6 years in age.

The Case: unique baby room furniture

letterkast3 10 maartWhen I think of the word ‘letter box’, I think of old wooden cabinets in which printing offices used to store lead letters for printing. They were totally hot in the 70s for displaying miniatures. But the new children’s furniture brand ‘Minius’, founded by Anne-Marleen and Paul de Nooy, have breathed new life into the word ‘letterbox’. I am very enthusiastic about their unique product that will be launched in early April. The cupboards are shaped like a letter, 1 meter in height and 20 cm in depth. The width depends on the letter. Every letter in the alphabet will soon be available in endless color variations and with customized back panels. The special shaped cupboards are made in their own studio and because some characters simply require more work than others (think of bending wood for the letter ‘Q’!), the price varies for each cupboard. What a good idea to have a cupboard shaped like the first letter of the name of your child!. It serves as a great display for small baby items or to just use it to store your kid’s toys. Sounds like a great baby shower gift to me!letterkast6 10 maart

A unique decoration for a good cause

kiddycolors 11 febLife on the countryside is not always easy for women in countries far away from here. Men are often dominant in these communities, and on the countryside there is a shortage of nearly everything. Last year I went to the incredible Kenia to celebrate something with my family. There I could see with my own eyes what a good job the founders of Kenana Knitters do. 500 women learn to spin and knit and get a fair wage for it. Also medical care and training was taken care of. With this, they can increase their standards of living and that of their children. This also influences the entire community they live in. But most of all it is a social happening. I saw these women enjoy a chat while knitting these beautiful stuffed animals with their children playing around in the meantime.

Recently I received a press release from Renske de Gee about a similar initiative. Renske migrated to Thailand in 2010 and decided to start a business there. By the name of KiddyColors, she teaches women from Thailand and Burma to make gifts for children and baby showers. An example of the sort of gifts they make are these very nice decorations, which you can design yourself. The women work under good circumstances and get a fair pay. By doing this, the founder wants to make the life of these women a little brighter. Renske asked if we could give this some attention. I did not have to think twice about that!