Bathe your baby in a cupcake!

babytrendwatcher Cupcake babies babybathThere is a new label on the market: Cupcake Babies! With its new collection ‘Bathing Time’, ‘Tasty’ and ‘Sleep well’ this new brand brings us trendy bathtubs, pacifiers and bathingcapes for newborns! The most innovating and original product in their collection is the ‘Cupcake Babies Bath’. This tiny little baby bath is designed as a delicious cupcake. Once fully inflated this little bathtub fits in almost every normal sized sink or on every table with its 22 cm in height and 35 cm in diameter. With the Cupcake Babies Bath you, as a parent, have direct eye contact with your baby on the right height and it extinguishes the most common flaws. Immediately, I think of mothers which aren’t able to stand for long periods of time right after they gave birth to their child. Another benefit: you need a very little amount of water, compared to a normal sized baby bath, environmental friendly and the water will stay warm much longer! When not in use, it easily fits in a small sized travel bag once deflated.

Swimming lessons for newborn baby in BabySwimmer

At first I was shocked seeing this video. A baby just floating in a full bathtub! With floaties, not around the waist or arms, but around the neck of the child! I just had to figure out what it was! I contacted BabySwimmer babytrendwatcherthe distributor and he explained me that it was the BabySwimmer, designed by a Russian grandfather. He found it inconvenient that as a parent you have to bend over everytime you bathe your child. Meanwhile, there are thousands of Russian children floating in the bathtub using the BabySwimmer. The video’s show that babies actually love using the BabySwimmer, they can float and move around, push themselves forward and just relax. The BabySwimmer gives babies the idea like if they were still in their mother’s womb! Even hyperactive children find the BabySwimmer the perfect solution. The distributor told me that after their ‘swimming lesson’ they don’t want to leave the bathtub and how they fall asleep right after they have left the bathtub! The perfect solution for bad sleepers as well! You should check out this video.  The use is very simple: the BabySwimmer has two horseshoe shaped chambers which you need to inflate, then you just open the BabySwimmer a little and slide it around the neck of your child. You close the Velcro latches on both sides and you kid is ready to swim! On holiday’s for in the pool the BabySwimmer is the ideal solution, deflated and folded it takes about no space in your bag. I will just notice this for safety purposes, even though it is on the packaging, ALWAYS stay with your child! (I’m surprised there are people who want to miss these swimming lessons!). The BabySwimmer has a very appealing price tag but is temporary even cheaper to order from !

Watch the video:

Hugging band aids for little sadness

trostisar knuffelpleister babytrendwatcherFalling on the floor, getting up on your feet, its all part of growing up and if the fall wasn’t too bad, you can comfort your kid with this new Swedish invention: Tröstisar hugging band aids! They offer comfort when children are in pain or are upset. First cover the wound with a standard sterile band aid, then simply stick the cuddly band aid on top, or any other place on the skin where your child can reach. A hugging band aid is soft and comforts your kid just like a pluche! A normal band aid in combination with a cuddly band aid does miracles! However, I would recommend using the first-aid kit in more severe cases! The cuddly band aids are the perfect solution for when your kid loses his stuffed animal and even a visit to the GP, the dentist or the hospital!

Winners of BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award announced

yoyo-babyzen 15 febThe winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award have been announced! The votes from the jury, as well as from the mothers at the ‘Ouders van Nu’ jury day and all the online voters have each made up one third of the votes for the final decision. This year, the awards go to: Sirona by Cybex; the car seat that can be used from birth up to 18 kilograms, in which your child is seated with its back towards the front. The IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor by Alecto; the first plug and play video intercom that is operated using an app. The BeSafe Pregnancy IZI FIX; a car safety belt for pregnant women. The Original Ba; a bottle-holder that is easy to use for babies themselves from a young age. The Bednest; a cosleeper that enables you to let your baby sleep close to your bed in a safe way. Milestone Baby Cards; cards that enable you to visually capture the very first milestones your child achieves. And to conclude: the special ‘Ouders van Nu’ Consumer Award was for the YoYo buggy by BabyZen; a very easily foldable buggy that you can take with you as hand luggage in an airplane.

We are now getting ready for the presentation of the awards at the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’), where the BabyStuf team will praise the winners. All nominees get the opportunity to demonstrate their product in the mornings. And perhaps even they will have to go to the makeup room during lunchtime, as AT5, the regional broadcasting company from Amsterdam, will attend the presentation to ask the winners what makes the winning products so special!

Faster potty trained with Tots Bots

kaatje-katoen-tots-bots-wasbare_luiers 29 janToday I received a remarkable message. It is possible to get your child potty trained before the age of nine months. But how? Just with a simple trick: whistling! Swedish researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy monitored 47 Vietnamese babies and their mothers for two years. In Vietnam people start potty training their babies a lot earlier; directly after birth. From nine months old, diapers aren’t needed anymore. How different that is from the West where our children are only potty trained at an age of three or four. Our children are used to super absorbing diapers in which they do not feel it when they wet themselves and therefore do not feel the need to go potty. Score for the disposable diapers producers! Actually I visited two ladies of Kaatje Katoen for an interview, earlier today. They have been doing the promotion for trendy and washable diaper systems for years in The Netherlands. Children are potty trained faster with these, which saves a lot of money and it is better for the environment too, as research proves. They told me that sometimes parents do not even know how to get their children potty trained. It used to be more natural and easier to get your child potty trained… The consequences are evident in education; instead of teaching, teachers are walking up and down the toilets continuously to change toddlers. Absolutely ridiculous, right? In England and Belgium these washable diapers by Tots Bots are very trendy! So where are The Netherlands in this trend?

Baby accessories of leather


Pphilomijn-babymandjehilomijn Eijssen studied fashion designs at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Arts College) in Arnhem and worked for several fashion brands. In 2006 she launched her own fashion label. Philomijn’s style is feminine and tough; the designs are presented in a classic and timeless manner. All the products are hand made. The collection of bags, cushions and accessories are extended with the Philomijntje. This new line of baby accessories consists of a baby change mat, a caring- or diaper bag, diaper baskets and baby shoes. All products are made of very special, beautiful and firm leather!

Baby keep me warm!

winterblogAlso a bit troubled with the moody autumn days? I know I am. I can enjoy the blue sky and paint like autumn appearances, but the rain, wind and grey skies… In my baby time I lived in a new housing estate where they decided to build the roads only after everything else, so I regularly ploughed through the muddy roads and sandstorms with the stroller and my kids. I’ve always felt sorry for all those moms who have to walk or bike through all kinds of weather with their baby or child. But we will have to go through anyways, and with this nice stuff that will keep your baby or toddler nice and warm, you should manage! Bring it on with these beautiful baby ski suits of Tartine et Chocolate (pink and blue) or a white one from C&A, an aviator hat and winter accessories of Lodger, feet bag for your car seat of Wallaboo, feet bag with separated leg parts for the Stokke Xplory, a nice flannel baby pyjamas of Claesens, funny panda heads and gloves of Knitwits for your toddler and fur-lined winter boots of Bobux. And don’t forget this useful hands ‘warmer’ of Lodger, which you can attach to the push part of the stroller! This way we’ll make it through the winter…

Get to know the 18 nominations for the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award!

18-nominaties-babystuf-baby-innovation-award2To follow up my last blog, I’d like to introduce the nominations that will compete for the most wanted award! In the category Mobility the nominees are: The Greentom Upp stroller; made of recycled syntethic materials, the YoYo buggy of BabyZen; super quick foldable and can be taken with you as hand luggage on a flight, The Sirona car seat of Cybex; back- or forward facing and capable of 360 degrees rotation, and the NJOY UP Bubble; the first buggy with a reversible seat.
In the category Travel & Safety the nominees are: Stokke Carrier; can be used in two positions, on your chest or on your back, IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor of Hesdo; the first plug and play image baby intercom that works with an app (compatible with smartphones or tablets) and the carrying bag Travel Stowaway of Ergobaby; made of recycled materials and foldable to a little bag.
In the category Care: Digitub baby bath of BabyLabels; with a digital balance and thermometer built-in, the PacaPod caring bag; with external compartments and the Besafe Pregnancy iZi FIX safety belt; extra security and comfort in the car for a pregnant belly.
In the category Feeding: Pacific Babybottle of Pacific Baby; a stainless steel baby- and children bottle which can keep liquids warm or cold up to 10 hours, The Original Ba bottle holder of BabyBanz; with which the baby can hold its own bottle, and the Bento Box Ellipse of BÉABA; a new kind of plate warmer with ergonomic little cutlery.
In the category Furniture and Decoration; Bednest Cosleeper; with which parents can sleep safely together with their baby, Mima Moon child seat, to use as a baby lounger, adjustable child seat and trendy teen chair, TheSuper Nomade night light of Pabobo; small, soft, lightweight and provides light for as long as 200 hours.
And to conclude, the category Toys & Gifts: Milestone babycards; captures all milestones of your baby’s life in one image for ever and the Knuffel bite ring of Difrax; a unique combination of a bite ring and stuffed animal. Find out more about these innovations in my following blogs!

A bath with weighing option or one made of sugar and minerals?

digibath2Do you know the problem when you are not sure if your baby drank enough? You can buy or rent a weighing scale or go to the walk in consultation service at the infant welfare centre to weigh your baby, but that is a whole lot of work. Undress and dress again, getting your baby to lie still… The Digitub, that has recently been introduced in The Netherlands, might be the solution to this. You can bathe your baby and at the same time you can see what the weight of your baby is. These details will be saved so you can see whether your baby gained or lost weight the next time you weigh. What an invention! In my opinion, another great revolution in the bathing industry is the bio-degradable bathing set from Rotho Babydesign. It’s a major player on the German market but relatively new in the Netherlands, even though they offer very special products. The Bio-product line, consisting of a bath, potty and an adjustable toilet seat, is made of natural raw materials, mostly out of sugar and minerals. The manufacturer guarantees

that the set is incredibly strong for usage and afterwards you can just thrown away outside. In this way we can all help to make this world a better and ‘greener’ place. The only disadvantage is that it
looks a little dusty in my opinion, so add some coloured sugar please!

Babyspa whirlpool

babyspa-whirlpool-rotho1Wellness is an accepted concept for adults, but it is not for babies and infants. Rotho Babydesign presents a babyspa whirlpool with a nice support and adjustable LED-lighting in various colours. Luxury? Sure, and expensive as well, but now consider babies coping with sensitivity or stomach aches. Research has shown that these small whirlpools with light therapy and bubbles can have a relaxing effect on babies, and therefore certainly on babies suffering from stomach aches or stress! In that case, I believe it is money well spent.