Ecological furniture design by Jäll und Tofta

Kind + Jugend 2013: kidsroomZOOM! Jäll & ToftaAt the upcoming Kind und Jugend, a new pavilion recently opened: called kidsroomZOOM. Here are some special designs for baby rooms and children’s rooms, so I am definitely paying them a visit. One of the participants of which I am impressed, is Jäll und Tofta. Passionate designers from Berlin and specializing in ecological design that is made in Germany, therefore quality is assured! To give you a taste.

Stylish on the road with the new Mutsy strollers

Mutsy Igo lite aqua babytrendwatcherThe Dutch family business Mutsy caused quite a stir with the introduction of a completely new frame in the 90’s. An engineering marvel. Up to this day, this so-called Z-shaped frame still is the starting point for all of Mutsy strollers. Parents can choose from five different modular stroller systems so that all parents can choose one that suits them the best. They recently introduced the Mutsy IGo and compact Exo. The IGo model offers an ultra-light carrycot for on the road and a royal comfort model. The stroller seat is made out of a soft three-dimensional shaped cushion and can be clicked on the frame in two different ways. The back of the seat and leg rest are both fully adjustable and the protective hood can be enlarged, very useful for the lying position. The stroller can even be folded compactly, weighing only 8.4 kg and can be easily stored and worn with a convenient carrying handle. You can choose between air or lightweight foam tires, a black or silver frame and combine it with 12 different kinds of coating. The leather-look handle and the bumper bar really complete the picture. The smaller and more compact Exo combi stroller has a lightweight travel cot which only weighs 3.4 kg, has various accessories and looks very stylish. The adjustable backrest ensures optimum comfort for the baby as it sleeps. Again you can choose between: large mutsy Exo buggy babytrendwatcherlightweight foam tires and small buggy wheels. Both choices guarantee a smooth ride. Besides the carrycot and the hooded seat, the Safe2go, the Traveller and the Maxi-Cosi carseat, fit on the neatly designed frame. Both are beautiful Dutch designs and are selected from the 655 submission for the Dutch Design Award with a reason. Fingers crossed that they will win in October!

Reborn babies touching or scary?

reborn doll babytrendwatcherDo you know the concept reborn baby? I did not until today, but after some research I know more. Reborn babies are made ​​by a small group of artists, called reborners, worldwide. Like Beatrice Landeghem in Belgium, and Marga van Koert-Sante in the Netherlands. They make baby dolls that scary enough, resemble real babies, eyes, eyelashes and hair, I can’t tell the difference. Even the weight seems to be correct. Many layers of paint are applied with specific characteristics on a vinyl head.

They are made for avid collectors who search the internet and fairs and sometimes treat these dolls as their own. Collected by treating parents and grandparents that can’t let go the image of a little baby and for parents who have lost theirs… In that case, the doll has been made into a replica of their passed child. Critics wonder whether these dolls can help in the grieving process. The fact is, that these dolls have such a lifelike appearance that they are saved by others from parked cars, they are mistaken for real babies.

source image: alford-massachusetts

Feel like papering with Cosas Minimas

babytrendwatcher Cosas minimasSometimes, I see products pass by that really impress me. This is one of them. This wallpaper collection Cosas Minimas, made by the Spanish illustrator Blanca Gomez, is astonishing. The simplicity, the faded colors and the great illustrations amplify the retro feeling in the children’s room. This collection contains bicycling, hot-air balloons, circus artists and city views of Picadilly, Time Square and St. Germain. A visit to her website will show you plenty of her other great works The wallpaper is produced by Coordonné in Spain and every theme is available in different shades. It might not be the cheapest wallpaper, but it sure is unique. Special in a way, that you immediately feel like decorating your walls of your nursery of children’s rooms…

Retro stroller anno 1960

babytrendwatcher  retrokinderwagen vanWervenA few days ago, I got a phone call. Since I am the chief editor of trade journal BabyWereld and consumer trendwatch site they wanted to hand over their new book to me. The book was written by Mieneke van Noort, owner of the only stroller museum in The Netherlands. She was for the last 30 years, and still is, collecting an impressive amount of retro strollers that are perceivable at her personal house and museum in Nieuwolda, Groningen. This outstanding book ‘De geschiedenis van de kinderwagen’ with a lot of Dutch designs has people with an interest in strollers as a target audience. A must have for designers and producers if you ask me. This stroller of Van Werven really is an example of how strollers used to look, back in the sixties. What a lovely retro feeling! You can order this unique edition on

Jeremy Scott designs buggy, stroller and carseat for Cybex

cybex jeremyscott babytrendwatcher (2)It is known that manufacturers like to work with designers. Think of Maclaren Philippe Starck, Bugaboo Bas Koster, Missoni and Viktor & Rolf, Quinny with Henrik Vibskov. This ensures attention in the media and is a positive aspect for the branding of a manufacturer and designer. I have just returned from a trip to London and was able to witness the launch of a completely new cooperation between Cybex and great fashion designer Jeremy Scott. I travelled in the company of fashion editors to Shoreditch; a tiny artistic place in London with a booming nightlife. Scott likes to design outfits for popstars like Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams with courage and a bit of humor. He was the one who designed the Adidas sneaker-line with ‘wings’ on them. Scott loves challenges and the moment CEO Martin Pos from Cybex arrived there was no doubt. ‘I love the idea of doing something completely unexpected, like designing a baby stroller. Plus I have so many friends who are young mothers and knowing how they struggle to find something that they feel is cool. It felt like a natural fit to me to design something that I could give as a gift to my friends.’

For the Cybex Callisto 3-in-1 stroller, buggy with feet pouch and diaper-bag, Onyx buggy, Aton 3 carseat and carrybag Go Baby Carrier, Scott has designed using the theme ‘Food Fight’, since giving food to children often ends up in a fight, he said. And so, these babyhardwares are designed with patterns of cartoony pizza-slices, French fries, popcorn, hotdogs, hamburgers and bottles of lemonade. The presentation took place in the Shoreditch Studios, which for the occasion was cybex jeremy scott babytrendwatchertransformed into the colorful world of Scott. During the informal and animated after-party we were allowed to ask questions and take pictures without any problems. I admit, I have to get used to these types of prints, but the longer I look at it, the more fun it becomes. In my opinion, Scott should have taken his designs to the next level, something like a unique diaper bag or sun-cap. If there is anything else to learn from this presentation is it that we shouldn’t take life too seriously, you should enjoy it and there is nothing wrong with going crazy and letting loose once in a while!

Swimming lessons for newborn baby in BabySwimmer

At first I was shocked seeing this video. A baby just floating in a full bathtub! With floaties, not around the waist or arms, but around the neck of the child! I just had to figure out what it was! I contacted BabySwimmer babytrendwatcherthe distributor and he explained me that it was the BabySwimmer, designed by a Russian grandfather. He found it inconvenient that as a parent you have to bend over everytime you bathe your child. Meanwhile, there are thousands of Russian children floating in the bathtub using the BabySwimmer. The video’s show that babies actually love using the BabySwimmer, they can float and move around, push themselves forward and just relax. The BabySwimmer gives babies the idea like if they were still in their mother’s womb! Even hyperactive children find the BabySwimmer the perfect solution. The distributor told me that after their ‘swimming lesson’ they don’t want to leave the bathtub and how they fall asleep right after they have left the bathtub! The perfect solution for bad sleepers as well! You should check out this video.  The use is very simple: the BabySwimmer has two horseshoe shaped chambers which you need to inflate, then you just open the BabySwimmer a little and slide it around the neck of your child. You close the Velcro latches on both sides and you kid is ready to swim! On holiday’s for in the pool the BabySwimmer is the ideal solution, deflated and folded it takes about no space in your bag. I will just notice this for safety purposes, even though it is on the packaging, ALWAYS stay with your child! (I’m surprised there are people who want to miss these swimming lessons!). The BabySwimmer has a very appealing price tag but is temporary even cheaper to order from !

Watch the video:

Baby, I’m not in the mood for King’s day

Koningsdag Oranje-BabytrendwatcherUntil April 30, my birthday used to be on the day before Queen’s day, a good time of the year in spring. Whenever my birthday was over, the next day was Queen’s day and therefore I could party another day! I have enjoyed that for many years with my husband and kids, however it is over now. The new King has changed Queen’s day into King’s day and I just can’t get used to it. It feels simply unnatural to me, why would they even bother changing it? It is only 3 days in difference! And I don’t expect princess Amalia to change it up again after Willem Alexander and celebrate her birthday in December… To still get a little bit into the mood, orange is a colour of happiness and it cheers u up, so here is an orange collage: Bathing cape and put-on pillow cover by Cottonbaby, Koelstra Binque, Deryan Travelcot, Hevea pacifier, diaper from TotsBots, cuddling cloth lion by LabelLabel, retro bouncer from Baby Bjorn and plate by Bellemont!




Danish accessories for your children’s room

roommate babytrendwatcherDenmark is not only known for leading fashion brands, but also in terms of furniture design and specific designs for children. The label ‘Roommate’ is a good example. The design team Christine Schwarzer and Anne Birgitte Balle design new and innovative products to stimulate a good environment for kids to play in their world of fantasy. The versatile and attractive designs fit in with the rest of the interior, since children don’t exclusively play in their room. They have designed small backpacks Zoobags, comical beanbags HappyCat, owl clothing hooks UhhUhh. Besides all this, they offer a colorful collection of textiles, dolls and wall lamps. For once a non-standard room with pink accessories, but for all the boys-mothers (I am one as well) accessories in shades of brown, yellow and turquoise!

Babytrendwatcher launches unique website

Mama-Masterclasses-webSeven years ago, I launched and a catalog to help all the new-parents by rating the best products available per category. As the website became more independent, the amount of pages in the catalog increased rapidly. Catalogs are outdated and the baby-branch requested more online possibilities. After a long time of brainstorming and speaking to experts, I have decided we should do it differently. The time has come, the new website BabyStuf 8.0 is online! 365 days a year, babytrendwatching, hundreds of new baby products, trendy brands, reviews. Besides all this, BabyStuf 8.0 offers tips about buying products, instructional videos, inspiration and expert blogs. We also implemented interactive Mama Moodboards on our website, where visitors can create their very own moodboard such as Pinterest and letting them share with friends and family. Another thing that has been bothering me for years, is the fact that consumers can only gain information from magazines, flyers and the producers’ very own websites. But what do you truly need, in order to use your baby products in the right way?  I am willing to give you this information, which many people don’t get in their pregnancy stage. Therefore, I introduced the Mama Masterclasses; no information about pregnancy-yoga, giving birth and the post-pregnancy depressions, but just tips and tricks, information and experiences about countless baby products. Some classes have been developed and further improved with the expert-team of Subscribing for the 9-week term of Mama Masterclasses  is completely free. So head on over to our website,, and let us know what you think!