Clever coat for mother and baby

babytrendwatcher mamalila

Carrying your child is a joy for both of you. Whilst keeping your hands free, you can access places where you can hardly get with a stroller. When the weather is nice, carrying your baby shouldn’t be an issue. However, what if it is windy, cold or rainy outside? The German brand Mamalila has found a solution, a unique, waterproof and windproof coat specially designed for pregnant or baby-carrying women. During your pregnancy period you can enlarge the abdomen area by zipping in an extra insert. The coat is long enough, so no worries about a cold back or tummy! If you want to carry your baby, you can zip in a different insert with hoodie. After your pregnancy period and when your child is too big to carry, you can keep wearing this unique coat, just unzip the inserts! This coat seems to be designed specifically for the harsh Dutch climate!

Baby knits by Tibbington

Tibbington babytrendwatcher

The new Dutch brand Tibbington designs and creates baby clothing and accessories. All knitted, cute and comfortable. There are a couple of different lines. The Fair Trade line is made in the Philippines and focusses on colorful basics. The Granny’s line is knitted by grandmas in Limburg, Netherlands that have time to spend. The Original collection consists of knits in earthly shades made in a knitting factory in Europe. This unique and bestselling baby cocoon with hat is from the Orginal collection. I hope it still feels comfortable, as it is made with a chunky knit, but a beautiful picture anyway.

Tough looking diaperbag by Tribal Baby

tribal baby luiertas babytrendwatcher

Tribal Baby launches a new collection of diaperbags for the trendy mommies out there in light-gray, brandy and black with a lot of detail. While looking tough, it still keeps a calm view, the combination that Tribal Baby is known for. Besides, these bags will obviously still be of good use after the baby period. A completely new range in the field of nursing, think of diaper wallets, changing mats and storage bags for the box and bed, is what Tribal Baby is aiming for this year.

Story Telling pajamas

babytrendwatcher  smart pyjamaBrilliant or lazy? An American father of six children invented the Smart PJ’s, pajamas telling stories before bedtime. How it works? The 47 groups of colored dots are read as braille using a special app with your smartphone or tablet that results in telling a bedtime story. Older children can even read along. After a long day of work, all you have to do is listen in! The aim is to bring more apps to the market with themes like holidays, songs and games. The pajamas remain the same, although the story changes constantly. The interactive Smart PJ’s are available at Walmart for around 19 Euro and are for children that are 1 to 8 years of age. Watch the video!

Striped breastfeeding

babytrendwatcher boobI am not that much of a fan of shirts that are heavily printed, but a striped shirt is something I do have! This might be because I have been to Brittany in France many times when I was young, walking down the many shores with my little sister. We were always looking for tiny aquariums that were left behind by the waves between the big rocks at the edges of the shore, looking for tiny fish, clams and anemones. I still have some good memories of that time. In Brittany, the Breton stripes will always be trendy and you will find them in most of the stores and on most of the markets. They originated from a design for French sea-men, if you would fall off the ship, you could be located more easily. Fashion icon Coco Chanel turned this into a popular fashion item. Big movie celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Birgitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe have been captured on camera or tape in the Breton stripes. Jean Paul Gaultier is a big fan of this classic design as well, as many will know. Recently, the Swedish brand Boob, introduced its new breastfeeding method (shirt, tunic and summerdress) in which this design is presented in black and white, blue and white or red and white. The clever tailoring allows you to feed your child in a modest way. However, this set of breastfeeding clothes seems perfect to wear after the breastfeeding period!


Enjoy the winter with your baby in silver

red-castle-chanceliere-eskimo-silver-web 24 janThere is white snow and I see clear blue skies when I look outside. Yes, this is how winters are supposed to be! Then the snow ploughing, slippery walks and cold hands do not really matter anymore. And we can dress for the cold, right? For small children however, it is a different case. While we are on the move, they are idle in the freezing air, while sitting in a carrier, stroller or buggy. There are known cases of parents who went for a walk with their child in a carrier in the cold and found their babies limbs frozen once they returned. Not a very pleasant thought. So: no long strolls in the freezing air while your baby is idle and make sure your baby is dressed nicely and warm. For example in this beautiful Silver Collection by Red Castle, which has silver coloured ski suits, feet bags with a useful attachable extension, Combizip with shared leg compartments (useful in cars or on bikes!). For moms and dads, there are even matching hand warmers in silver for the 24 jan

A knitted Bugaboo

bugaboo-cameleon-saharaAnother creative cooperation between Bugaboo and an artist! This time the Italian artist Alessandra Royeda fired her creative ideas at our Dutch design stroller. Allessandra has a passion for knitted and crochet objects and brings knitted colourful patterns to everyday designs. Woollen blankets and the distinctive design of the four-wheeler inspired her for the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Sahara. The winter proof packaging is of good use in this frost period.

Baby accessories of leather


Pphilomijn-babymandjehilomijn Eijssen studied fashion designs at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Arts College) in Arnhem and worked for several fashion brands. In 2006 she launched her own fashion label. Philomijn’s style is feminine and tough; the designs are presented in a classic and timeless manner. All the products are hand made. The collection of bags, cushions and accessories are extended with the Philomijntje. This new line of baby accessories consists of a baby change mat, a caring- or diaper bag, diaper baskets and baby shoes. All products are made of very special, beautiful and firm leather!

Mom and child jewels

mamachildnecklace-i-love-you-2Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep your baby calm in a packed waiting room or if you’re in line for the bakery. I always had my keys ready or a toy, but you have to find it in your bag and on a moment like that, you often can’t find it. Especially for these moments, Dushi designed the Mama & Kind necklace. The necklace is soft and safe, looks nice with bright colours, big figures, soft fabrics and sounds; enough to entertain your baby if necessary. They have done a lot of research about the safety of the product: there is no danger of loose beads, sharp edges or rough points. Because of the special clasp the necklace will be cut loose if it gets stuck somewhere. The necklace is nice enough to wear as a fashionable accessory with a single coloured dress or top, but my guess is that a small toddler also would love to wear this.

Super organizer PacaPod nursery bag

pacapod-firenze-fb1In Cologne I already noticed this bag: This PacaPod has a unique 3-in-1 system (developed by a mom) that helps you to keep organized. And now this PacaPod is nominated for the Baby Innovation Award! The PacaPod looks like a normal, modern bag from the outside, but when you open it up you’ll see what this bag has to offer. On the inside, it is a super organizer with two removable compartments for diapers and bottles. These minis you can use separately very well too. The many compartments and zippers make sure that all your (baby) stuff will be in a fixed place and doesn’t get lost in the back. Well done.