Baby, I’m not in the mood for King’s day

Koningsdag Oranje-BabytrendwatcherUntil April 30, my birthday used to be on the day before Queen’s day, a good time of the year in spring. Whenever my birthday was over, the next day was Queen’s day and therefore I could party another day! I have enjoyed that for many years with my husband and kids, however it is over now. The new King has changed Queen’s day into King’s day and I just can’t get used to it. It feels simply unnatural to me, why would they even bother changing it? It is only 3 days in difference! And I don’t expect princess Amalia to change it up again after Willem Alexander and celebrate her birthday in December… To still get a little bit into the mood, orange is a colour of happiness and it cheers u up, so here is an orange collage: Bathing cape and put-on pillow cover by Cottonbaby, Koelstra Binque, Deryan Travelcot, Hevea pacifier, diaper from TotsBots, cuddling cloth lion by LabelLabel, retro bouncer from Baby Bjorn and plate by Bellemont!




Hugging band aids for little sadness

trostisar knuffelpleister babytrendwatcherFalling on the floor, getting up on your feet, its all part of growing up and if the fall wasn’t too bad, you can comfort your kid with this new Swedish invention: Tröstisar hugging band aids! They offer comfort when children are in pain or are upset. First cover the wound with a standard sterile band aid, then simply stick the cuddly band aid on top, or any other place on the skin where your child can reach. A hugging band aid is soft and comforts your kid just like a pluche! A normal band aid in combination with a cuddly band aid does miracles! However, I would recommend using the first-aid kit in more severe cases! The cuddly band aids are the perfect solution for when your kid loses his stuffed animal and even a visit to the GP, the dentist or the hospital!

Winners of BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award announced

yoyo-babyzen 15 febThe winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award have been announced! The votes from the jury, as well as from the mothers at the ‘Ouders van Nu’ jury day and all the online voters have each made up one third of the votes for the final decision. This year, the awards go to: Sirona by Cybex; the car seat that can be used from birth up to 18 kilograms, in which your child is seated with its back towards the front. The IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor by Alecto; the first plug and play video intercom that is operated using an app. The BeSafe Pregnancy IZI FIX; a car safety belt for pregnant women. The Original Ba; a bottle-holder that is easy to use for babies themselves from a young age. The Bednest; a cosleeper that enables you to let your baby sleep close to your bed in a safe way. Milestone Baby Cards; cards that enable you to visually capture the very first milestones your child achieves. And to conclude: the special ‘Ouders van Nu’ Consumer Award was for the YoYo buggy by BabyZen; a very easily foldable buggy that you can take with you as hand luggage in an airplane.

We are now getting ready for the presentation of the awards at the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’), where the BabyStuf team will praise the winners. All nominees get the opportunity to demonstrate their product in the mornings. And perhaps even they will have to go to the makeup room during lunchtime, as AT5, the regional broadcasting company from Amsterdam, will attend the presentation to ask the winners what makes the winning products so special!

Enjoy the winter with your baby in silver

red-castle-chanceliere-eskimo-silver-web 24 janThere is white snow and I see clear blue skies when I look outside. Yes, this is how winters are supposed to be! Then the snow ploughing, slippery walks and cold hands do not really matter anymore. And we can dress for the cold, right? For small children however, it is a different case. While we are on the move, they are idle in the freezing air, while sitting in a carrier, stroller or buggy. There are known cases of parents who went for a walk with their child in a carrier in the cold and found their babies limbs frozen once they returned. Not a very pleasant thought. So: no long strolls in the freezing air while your baby is idle and make sure your baby is dressed nicely and warm. For example in this beautiful Silver Collection by Red Castle, which has silver coloured ski suits, feet bags with a useful attachable extension, Combizip with shared leg compartments (useful in cars or on bikes!). For moms and dads, there are even matching hand warmers in silver for the 24 jan

Loads of baby innovations at the Ouders van Nu Jury Day

babystuf-baby-innovation-award-ouders-van-nu-web 22 janThe hallway of our office is full of boxes filled with the 18 nominated baby products for the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award selection, which have just been delivered by the courier sent by Ouders van Nu (‘Today’s Parents’). Immediately an essential question pops up as we had just cleaned out the office: where do we put all this? Merely a small logistical problem. Much more fun is to look back on the Ouders van Nu Jury Day. It was a successful day where a group of Ouders van Nu-readers gathered at the head office to take a critical look at all the new products. After a short introduction with coffee and tea, the moms started their task, armed with a pen and an evaluation form. And so they did very well! Every time again I notice that real moms call on their duty so seriously, whether it is about giving product reviews or the judging of the new baby must-haves like today. Critical questions were asked, strollers were folded in and out, carriers were tried out, toys were carefully looked at and baby bottles were tested with water. Nothing got through the judges without careful reviewing and that made it an interesting day! Also it made it an important day for us as we take into account the mom’s reviews, the votes of the jury and the online voters for one third each of the final assessment. Online voting is still possible at When you participate you can also win one of these beautiful products!

The morning ended with a lunch and all moms received a well filled goodie bag and a ticket to for the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’). On this exhibition you can admire the winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award and see live demonstrations of these extraordinary innovations. So if you decide to visit, do stop by!

organisatie-van-babyinnovation-award-dag-ouders-van-nu-web jan 22

A knitted Bugaboo

bugaboo-cameleon-saharaAnother creative cooperation between Bugaboo and an artist! This time the Italian artist Alessandra Royeda fired her creative ideas at our Dutch design stroller. Allessandra has a passion for knitted and crochet objects and brings knitted colourful patterns to everyday designs. Woollen blankets and the distinctive design of the four-wheeler inspired her for the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Sahara. The winter proof packaging is of good use in this frost period.

Baby accessories of leather


Pphilomijn-babymandjehilomijn Eijssen studied fashion designs at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Arts College) in Arnhem and worked for several fashion brands. In 2006 she launched her own fashion label. Philomijn’s style is feminine and tough; the designs are presented in a classic and timeless manner. All the products are hand made. The collection of bags, cushions and accessories are extended with the Philomijntje. This new line of baby accessories consists of a baby change mat, a caring- or diaper bag, diaper baskets and baby shoes. All products are made of very special, beautiful and firm leather!

Lego Duplo on wheels

duplo-peuter-bouwen-en-rijden-10554_I have two boys who have made me the most amazing creations with Lego. They’d rather not do that with their bony knees on the hard wooden floor in the living room, so often I put the coffee table aside so the container with Lego, which grew bigger and bigger after every birthday, could be overturn on the soft carpet in our sitting area. From the big pile of Lego blocks, wheels and figures they would make beautiful creations, from space ships to drag racers to pea fabrics! I find it great toys, good for their motor skills and their spatial awareness. In my opinion it is a shame that there are more and more pre-made packages on the market; fun to build with the step1 to step 20, 50 and even 100 steps, but it leaves no space for the children’s imagination. In my opinion you can never start too early with encouraging their imagination, and that also counts for girls! And now Lego come with a new series for toddlers: Duplo on wheels! It is a combination of building and rolling, so especially fun if your toddler starts walking.

Christmas red baby products

kerstrood-met-sterTo me Christmas is a very special period, not only because they are family days, but also because my oldest son was born on Christmas Eve (really!). Our Christmas baby got was born two weeks too early and because we were in the middle of a house move we preferred to have him at the hospital. But the delivery went so smooth that I could just have had him at home. I remember the entire delivery in detail but also the Christmas atmosphere and the Christmas Carols of the hospital choir. Today is our last day at work and then we will recover from all the hectics here at the editorial department! And while we are listening to Christmas songs, we have gathered a nice collection of baby products. From left to right and bottom down these are: Greentom Upp stroller, Bellemont plate, Stokke Crusi stroller, Maxi-Cosi Rubi carseat, Nuna Pipa carseat, stuffed animal of Spiegelburg, Pacopod caringbag, Buddy Gelpack star in case of accidents, white music box Star Cottonbaby, BabyBjorn rocking chair Balance Soft, storing basket Cottonbaby, Bumbo chair. Now I am going to enjoy a few days of peace and the celebration of our own Christmas child! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and see you next year!

Shop smarter with the Stroller Framebag or XL bag

Delephant-apple-stroller-frame-bag2oing groceries with a stroller or buggy isn’t always easy. With the smaller formed stroller, the baskets also have become smaller; a lot smaller then 20 years ago. It’s like they’ve become designers’ bags, which looks great on a stylish stroller, but cannot even hold a pack of milk, let alone a pack of diapers. So what happens next is that people hang bags on the strollers like they dojoolz-day-xl-shopper-boodschappentas with buggies, and this doesn’t help to keep balance and greatly increases the risk of the stroller falling over. We are waiting for the moment that designers of strollers really put some work in the ultimate shopping buddy. Until then, these two products will certainly help moms doing groceries: the Elephant & Apple Stroller Frame Bag and the Joolz XL shopping bag. The Stroller Frame Bag fits on both sides of strollers and buggies and is suitable for long and odd shaped objects such as umbrellas, French baguettes, flowers but also objects like a beach shovel, muddy children boots or snowy gloves. It is possible to roll up the Joolz XL grocery bag, it offers a great amount of space and has a big opening so you can always easily reach your stuff. The bag is not in the way while walking and once home you can release it by clicking, so you can bring it inside and unpack your groceries. For now, it only fits on the Joolz Day, so now we are waiting for a model that is compatible with every stroller.