Hugging band aids for little sadness

trostisar knuffelpleister babytrendwatcherFalling on the floor, getting up on your feet, its all part of growing up and if the fall wasn’t too bad, you can comfort your kid with this new Swedish invention: Tröstisar hugging band aids! They offer comfort when children are in pain or are upset. First cover the wound with a standard sterile band aid, then simply stick the cuddly band aid on top, or any other place on the skin where your child can reach. A hugging band aid is soft and comforts your kid just like a pluche! A normal band aid in combination with a cuddly band aid does miracles! However, I would recommend using the first-aid kit in more severe cases! The cuddly band aids are the perfect solution for when your kid loses his stuffed animal and even a visit to the GP, the dentist or the hospital!

Winners of BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award announced

yoyo-babyzen 15 febThe winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award have been announced! The votes from the jury, as well as from the mothers at the ‘Ouders van Nu’ jury day and all the online voters have each made up one third of the votes for the final decision. This year, the awards go to: Sirona by Cybex; the car seat that can be used from birth up to 18 kilograms, in which your child is seated with its back towards the front. The IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor by Alecto; the first plug and play video intercom that is operated using an app. The BeSafe Pregnancy IZI FIX; a car safety belt for pregnant women. The Original Ba; a bottle-holder that is easy to use for babies themselves from a young age. The Bednest; a cosleeper that enables you to let your baby sleep close to your bed in a safe way. Milestone Baby Cards; cards that enable you to visually capture the very first milestones your child achieves. And to conclude: the special ‘Ouders van Nu’ Consumer Award was for the YoYo buggy by BabyZen; a very easily foldable buggy that you can take with you as hand luggage in an airplane.

We are now getting ready for the presentation of the awards at the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’), where the BabyStuf team will praise the winners. All nominees get the opportunity to demonstrate their product in the mornings. And perhaps even they will have to go to the makeup room during lunchtime, as AT5, the regional broadcasting company from Amsterdam, will attend the presentation to ask the winners what makes the winning products so special!

Safe in the seatbelts during pregnancy

besafe-pregnant-izi-fix-in-car-cWhen you’re in the car as a pregnant woman, it is always a fuzz. The seatbelt never feels comfortable and the sharp edges can be extremely irritating. But even worse, you and your unborn baby are not safe! This wrong position can lead to ‘sub-marining’; this is the effect that you slide underneath the waist belt in case of a crash situation, read: collision. I have seen shots of a crash test and you’d be shocked. It is clear that this phenomenon can seriously injure you and your child. That is why the jury of the Baby Innovation Award and I were very happy with the BeSafe Pregnant iZi FIX and why this great product was nominated. This useful tool makes sure that the seatbelt always fits right! You place the mat on the chair and attach this with a belt to the back part of the seat. You can attach the BeSafe with Isofix on the back seats. Then you sit down, guide the belt through the little strap on the front side under the belly and attach the belt and voilà, mom is safely seated. Because of this simple installation you can easily take the BeSafe Pregnant iZi FIX with you in another car. Extremely useful and extremely safe.

Alternative for the baby intercom: electric socks!

baby-monitor-owletAccording to a group of American students, the baby intercom can be replaced. They thought of an alternative: a pair of smart socks that monitors the baby’s heartbeat and sends the information to the parents’ smartphone. This Owlet Baby Monitor is a wireless baby sock that is attached on the foot of the baby. The monitor measures the breathing and the oxygen level in the blood. When there are irregularities, the parents get a message. With these smart socks, the students want to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In the Netherlands, health and safety organizations have already expressed they do not approve a baby intercom with a little mat that is placed underneath the mattress to monitor the breathing. Therefore I am curious about the reactions that will be aired when this prototype will be produced as a commercial product…

Get to know the 18 nominations for the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award!

18-nominaties-babystuf-baby-innovation-award2To follow up my last blog, I’d like to introduce the nominations that will compete for the most wanted award! In the category Mobility the nominees are: The Greentom Upp stroller; made of recycled syntethic materials, the YoYo buggy of BabyZen; super quick foldable and can be taken with you as hand luggage on a flight, The Sirona car seat of Cybex; back- or forward facing and capable of 360 degrees rotation, and the NJOY UP Bubble; the first buggy with a reversible seat.
In the category Travel & Safety the nominees are: Stokke Carrier; can be used in two positions, on your chest or on your back, IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor of Hesdo; the first plug and play image baby intercom that works with an app (compatible with smartphones or tablets) and the carrying bag Travel Stowaway of Ergobaby; made of recycled materials and foldable to a little bag.
In the category Care: Digitub baby bath of BabyLabels; with a digital balance and thermometer built-in, the PacaPod caring bag; with external compartments and the Besafe Pregnancy iZi FIX safety belt; extra security and comfort in the car for a pregnant belly.
In the category Feeding: Pacific Babybottle of Pacific Baby; a stainless steel baby- and children bottle which can keep liquids warm or cold up to 10 hours, The Original Ba bottle holder of BabyBanz; with which the baby can hold its own bottle, and the Bento Box Ellipse of BÉABA; a new kind of plate warmer with ergonomic little cutlery.
In the category Furniture and Decoration; Bednest Cosleeper; with which parents can sleep safely together with their baby, Mima Moon child seat, to use as a baby lounger, adjustable child seat and trendy teen chair, TheSuper Nomade night light of Pabobo; small, soft, lightweight and provides light for as long as 200 hours.
And to conclude, the category Toys & Gifts: Milestone babycards; captures all milestones of your baby’s life in one image for ever and the Knuffel bite ring of Difrax; a unique combination of a bite ring and stuffed animal. Find out more about these innovations in my following blogs!

Hormone disrupter Bisfenol A gone from all baby nutrition

signature sterYesterday night I got a tip: At Tros Radar, the subject Bisfenol A was discussed. It is a toxic, hormone disruptive chemical that occurs in small amounts in polycarbonate bottles and until the ban of last year, also in baby bottles. Fortunately it has been decided that this chemical cannot be processed in baby bottles anymore (Especially in the suckling period children got the most Bisfenol A inside their bodies, 10 to 20 times as much as a baby who was breast fed!). Only BPA-free bottles are allowed. In the program a scientist explains that we, consumers, all have Bisfenol A in our bodies. This is because of packaging our food (plastic bottles, coatings in a can) but also via our skin (thermic receipts and some cosmetics). Another interviewed expert points out that pregnant women can pass on this chemical for four generations. This is shocking to hear! The effect on children and humans has not been researched scientifically but from former tests on animals, it shows that this chemical has a negative effect on the growth of the placenta. That is why Bisfenol A has been linked to different forms of cancer. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is currently conducting research and setting up new guidelines. Denmark and France won’t wait any longer and take action themselves. Also Belgium has extended the ban on baby bottles to wrapped baby- and child food till three years. And what does the Netherlands do? The Netherlands is waiting for the new European actions and currently prefers the easy way.

Fire alarm for the baby- and children room

luvion rookmelder chick rozeIs it me or are there so many birds around us at the moment? On wallpaper, ableware, fabrics, wishcards, jewellery, as a tattoo and lets not forget out little tweet bird! Birds are hot. Lately, even a smoke detector in the shape of a bird, the Chick-a-Dee by Luvion, has been introduced to the market of baby products. It was developed by designer Louise van der Veld of the Rietveld Academy and winner of the design competition ‘Mooi uit de Brand’, therefore completely Dutch Design. The Chick-a-Dee has got her name thanks to the American bird that has been used in mines since 1900 to warn the mineworkers of danger, and then especially carbon monoxide. Mineworkers took this bird in a little cage and when there was a threat of danger, the bird would chirp a special chirp. Bye bye boring, grey smoke detector and hello Chick-a-Dee! A cage is not necessary.

Baby forgotten in car, killed by heat

babystuf-maxi-cosi1Each summer, we get to hear a story about a baby that has been left behind in a hot car for too long, with fatal results. Just because one of the parents has to do some shopping, and thinks the baby can stay in the car on its own for a while. Or – how bizarre – that a child is just forgotten and left behind in the car. Just like this week in Belgium, when a father left for work and forgot to take his six-month-old baby to the daycare centre…Still parents underestimate the risk of leaving their child behind in a car that can rapidly increase in temperature in summer, horrible. A group of students of the Vrij Technisch Instituut in Veurne (België) has conducted a study on this phenomenon. They have created a system with sensors that sounds an alarm when there is a baby in a car seat and the temperature in a car rises too much. The system sounds an alarm, switches on the air fan in the car, opens the windows and makes the indicator lights blink; everything to warn as many people around the car as possible. I really hope this lifesaving idea will be further elaborated by the car industry! Also see this video clip from

Musical pacifier for premature babies

muzikale fopspeen voor prematuren bill lax FSu Photografphy serviceBill Lax FSU Photography Service

Pacifiers are often point of discussion; extensive use can lead to inflammation of the ear, problems with speech and disruption of breastfeeding. However, one type that does not have any disadvantages has recently been introduced on the market. With premature babies, the processes of sucking, swallowing and breathing have not yet been properly balanced. The longer it takes before babies learn these abilities, the further they will be left behind in their growth process. Scientist Jayne Standley Portal, working at the Florida State University, has recently designed the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (abbreviation: PAL): a pacifier that is connected through wires with some kind of music box. When the baby sucks in the right way, it gets to hear a comforting tune. Besides that, this tune also works during the many unpleasant treatments these babies have to cope with. Clinical research has shown that premature babies who were subjected to this test, learned to suck 2,5 times better than babies without PAL. The results are astonishing: premature babies learn to drink better, and are allowed to go home faster. Through the use of this musical pacifier, the hospitalisation can be decreased by five days on average!

Baby sleeping bag replaces incubator

Embrace-Infant-WarmerEach year, 20 million babies are born prematurely or with a low weight. This phenomenon is especially common in developing countries. These babies can be in risk of hypothermia, as they are not yet capable of regulating their own body temperature. In such countries, there is no money available for incubators, and energy supply is often unreliable. Therefore these babies are kept warm by strapping hot water bottles onto them, laying them under lamps or suspending them over hot charcoal. Despite all these efforts, each year 4 million babies die within their first month, which comes down to 450 babies every hour…
The Embrace Infant Warmer was developed by a group of students as their graduation project. Their professor’s challenge was: ‘develop an alternative for incubators, that uses less than 1% of the current technology and achieves the same medical results’. After product development, testing and adjustments, this Embrace Infant Warmer seems to be the solution; a small sleeping bag with a heating element. Within 20 minutes, the substance in the heating element is heated and ready for hours of use, in order to keep a baby at a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. After tests in Indian hospitals, the non-profit organization Embrace has started saving lives in China as well as Somalia. A product with a mission, and a wonderful project! The video on Embrace is certainly worth watching.