Week of fame

uitreiking-baby-innovation-awards-negenmaandenbeurs 22 febThe Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’) has not even come to a close, but we have already had such wonderful days! First of all, directly after the opening, we announced the winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award at our stand. Thanks to their unique innovations, the six winners were granted their awards and certificates. The winner of the Ouders van Nu Consumer Award was even offered a full page advertisement in Ouders van Nu (‘Today’s Parents’). Everyone had a great time! Immediately afterwards, the hectics started as broadcasting company RTL 4 appeared to make a news item on the Sirona Cybex and the new isize-standard for children’s car seats, that is expected to be implemented at the end of this year. The isize-standard states that children should be transported facing backwards as much as possible, in which not the weight but the length of the child is of importance, hence the name. Children’s car seat Sirona by Cybex is even ahead of this standard. That evening, the RTL 4 News extensively discussed this new seat as well as the standard. During lunchtime, AT5 a regional broadcasting company from Amsterdam, also visited us. Fortunately they had announced their visit, so the winners were also present to tell something about their innovations for mums and their babies. The item was aired immediately that same afternoon. When I returned home, I got a phone call from the Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch national newspaper) to discuss the new isize-standard. My answers were incorporated nicely in an informative article that was posted in the Algemeen Dagblad yesterday. Last week I was also interviewed by HDC Media for their weekend-supplement Vrij. We discussed the Mama Masterclasses we offer here at BabyStuf. You see; hardy any time for spotting new gadgets on the fair, but I had a wonderful week!carola-9mndbeurs 22 feb

Christmas red baby products

kerstrood-met-sterTo me Christmas is a very special period, not only because they are family days, but also because my oldest son was born on Christmas Eve (really!). Our Christmas baby got was born two weeks too early and because we were in the middle of a house move we preferred to have him at the hospital. But the delivery went so smooth that I could just have had him at home. I remember the entire delivery in detail but also the Christmas atmosphere and the Christmas Carols of the hospital choir. Today is our last day at work and then we will recover from all the hectics here at the editorial department! And while we are listening to Christmas songs, we have gathered a nice collection of baby products. From left to right and bottom down these are: Greentom Upp stroller, Bellemont plate, Stokke Crusi stroller, Maxi-Cosi Rubi carseat, Nuna Pipa carseat, stuffed animal of Spiegelburg, Pacopod caringbag, Buddy Gelpack star in case of accidents, white music box Star Cottonbaby, BabyBjorn rocking chair Balance Soft, storing basket Cottonbaby, Bumbo chair. Now I am going to enjoy a few days of peace and the celebration of our own Christmas child! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and see you next year!

Stroller race voor fathers

menwithwheels easywalkerNo breakfast in bed, lazy lounging or doing some gardening on father’s day, but
action! The event ‘Menwithwheels’ was the first stroller race for fathers. In
four different races and one final round, tough fathers battled on two
different locations to earn the title ‘Man With Wheels’ and the associated
prize; a new stroller. This prize was provided by the sponsor easywalker. In
the morning in Scheveningen the easywalker sky was used, and in the afternoon
at the Cornelis Schuytstraat in Amsterdam the latest easywalker june was used
for the race. Exclusively for father’s day, the shops in Amsterdam were open,
and there was entertainment for the entire family. The race was not just about
walking fast…the track rather looked like a bootcamp; there were nets to crawl
under, tires to jump through while lifting the stroller, and the front wheels
had to be changed at a pit stop. And during all of that, a baby doll was
strapped in the stroller. Fortunately, the weather was fine and the supporters
were nice, so that the organisers could be content about the event. The
exhausted fathers were sent home with a packed goodie bag. Tonight at VIoranje
on RTL4, a report on the race in Scheveningen is broadcast; I will be watching
for sure!