The Case: unique baby room furniture

letterkast3 10 maartWhen I think of the word ‘letter box’, I think of old wooden cabinets in which printing offices used to store lead letters for printing. They were totally hot in the 70s for displaying miniatures. But the new children’s furniture brand ‘Minius’, founded by Anne-Marleen and Paul de Nooy, have breathed new life into the word ‘letterbox’. I am very enthusiastic about their unique product that will be launched in early April. The cupboards are shaped like a letter, 1 meter in height and 20 cm in depth. The width depends on the letter. Every letter in the alphabet will soon be available in endless color variations and with customized back panels. The special shaped cupboards are made in their own studio and because some characters simply require more work than others (think of bending wood for the letter ‘Q’!), the price varies for each cupboard. What a good idea to have a cupboard shaped like the first letter of the name of your child!. It serves as a great display for small baby items or to just use it to store your kid’s toys. Sounds like a great baby shower gift to me!letterkast6 10 maart

Baby room trend: light-coloured wood!

Blond hout trend babykamerAt the moment, I see a lot of white baby rooms, but I also notice another trend: light-coloured wood. Whether it is maple, beech, alder, ash or birch wood, it creates a pleasant atmosphere and warmth and is perfectly suited for a baby room. Combined with various shades of white and pastel shades, you can create a peaceful and relaxed Scandinavian look! Light-coloured wooden furniture also make a good combination with accessories from the sixties, as well as with graphic designs. This BabyStuf collage shows both light-coloured wooden furniture for baby rooms and the latest accessories: baby room Oeuf New York, twin cot Ovla For Two, a baby body from Dwell Design, playpen Strand from Coming Kids, photo tree OnceUponaTree, chair made op packaging material Joolz, care bag Yummy Mummy from Pink Lining, robot wallpaper from Studio Ditte, storage baskets from 3Sprouts and a wooden toy from Anamalz.