Backwards faced car seats are the future

SironaCurrently one is working hard on the new Isize norm for car seats. This new norm (will be implemented in the fall of 2013) will make sure that, children younger than 15 months will be traveling even safer than before. Key words of this new norm are: longer backwards transport and the length of the child is decisive (instead of the weight of the child, as is the case now). Research shows that children are 80% better protected traveling backwards in the case of a frontal crash! The car seat Sirona from Cybex, suitable for new-borns till children the age of four years old, is a great example of traveling backwards longer. It is for a reason this car seat is the winner of the international Baby Innovation Award in the category Traveling Baby. But there is more. Installation is fast and easy with the one-click ISOFIX fastening. In the case of a side crash, the power of the crash is better absorbed thanks to a special system. Also it is not necessary anymore to overstretch your back when you lift your child in and out the car countless times. You can just turn the seat towards the door and back again with the 360 degrees turning system. This is also very useful when your child wants to get in and out the car by itself! This system is also great when you want to switch from backwards transporting (baby period) to forward transporting (toddler period). And whenever your child is falling asleep you can change the seat in one of the five laying positions with just one simple movement. Good to know: with its ten different positions, the headrest can grow along with your child.