A bath with weighing option or one made of sugar and minerals?

digibath2Do you know the problem when you are not sure if your baby drank enough? You can buy or rent a weighing scale or go to the walk in consultation service at the infant welfare centre to weigh your baby, but that is a whole lot of work. Undress and dress again, getting your baby to lie still… The Digitub, that has recently been introduced in The Netherlands, might be the solution to this. You can bathe your baby and at the same time you can see what the weight of your baby is. These details will be saved so you can see whether your baby gained or lost weight the next time you weigh. What an invention! In my opinion, another great revolution in the bathing industry is the bio-degradable bathing set from Rotho Babydesign. It’s a major player on the German market but relatively new in the Netherlands, even though they offer very special products. The Bio-product line, consisting of a bath, potty and an adjustable toilet seat, is made of natural raw materials, mostly out of sugar and minerals. The manufacturer guarantees

that the set is incredibly strong for usage and afterwards you can just thrown away outside. In this way we can all help to make this world a better and ‘greener’ place. The only disadvantage is that it
looks a little dusty in my opinion, so add some coloured sugar please!

Babyspa whirlpool

babyspa-whirlpool-rotho1Wellness is an accepted concept for adults, but it is not for babies and infants. Rotho Babydesign presents a babyspa whirlpool with a nice support and adjustable LED-lighting in various colours. Luxury? Sure, and expensive as well, but now consider babies coping with sensitivity or stomach aches. Research has shown that these small whirlpools with light therapy and bubbles can have a relaxing effect on babies, and therefore certainly on babies suffering from stomach aches or stress! In that case, I believe it is money well spent.