Hormone disrupter Bisfenol A gone from all baby nutrition

signature sterYesterday night I got a tip: At Tros Radar, the subject Bisfenol A was discussed. It is a toxic, hormone disruptive chemical that occurs in small amounts in polycarbonate bottles and until the ban of last year, also in baby bottles. Fortunately it has been decided that this chemical cannot be processed in baby bottles anymore (Especially in the suckling period children got the most Bisfenol A inside their bodies, 10 to 20 times as much as a baby who was breast fed!). Only BPA-free bottles are allowed. In the program a scientist explains that we, consumers, all have Bisfenol A in our bodies. This is because of packaging our food (plastic bottles, coatings in a can) but also via our skin (thermic receipts and some cosmetics). Another interviewed expert points out that pregnant women can pass on this chemical for four generations. This is shocking to hear! The effect on children and humans has not been researched scientifically but from former tests on animals, it shows that this chemical has a negative effect on the growth of the placenta. That is why Bisfenol A has been linked to different forms of cancer. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is currently conducting research and setting up new guidelines. Denmark and France won’t wait any longer and take action themselves. Also Belgium has extended the ban on baby bottles to wrapped baby- and child food till three years. And what does the Netherlands do? The Netherlands is waiting for the new European actions and currently prefers the easy way.