Ecological furniture design by Jäll und Tofta

Kind + Jugend 2013: kidsroomZOOM! Jäll & ToftaAt the upcoming Kind und Jugend, a new pavilion recently opened: called kidsroomZOOM. Here are some special designs for baby rooms and children’s rooms, so I am definitely paying them a visit. One of the participants of which I am impressed, is Jäll und Tofta. Passionate designers from Berlin and specializing in ecological design that is made in Germany, therefore quality is assured! To give you a taste.

Feel like papering with Cosas Minimas

babytrendwatcher Cosas minimasSometimes, I see products pass by that really impress me. This is one of them. This wallpaper collection Cosas Minimas, made by the Spanish illustrator Blanca Gomez, is astonishing. The simplicity, the faded colors and the great illustrations amplify the retro feeling in the children’s room. This collection contains bicycling, hot-air balloons, circus artists and city views of Picadilly, Time Square and St. Germain. A visit to her website will show you plenty of her other great works The wallpaper is produced by Coordonné in Spain and every theme is available in different shades. It might not be the cheapest wallpaper, but it sure is unique. Special in a way, that you immediately feel like decorating your walls of your nursery of children’s rooms…

Danish accessories for your children’s room

roommate babytrendwatcherDenmark is not only known for leading fashion brands, but also in terms of furniture design and specific designs for children. The label ‘Roommate’ is a good example. The design team Christine Schwarzer and Anne Birgitte Balle design new and innovative products to stimulate a good environment for kids to play in their world of fantasy. The versatile and attractive designs fit in with the rest of the interior, since children don’t exclusively play in their room. They have designed small backpacks Zoobags, comical beanbags HappyCat, owl clothing hooks UhhUhh. Besides all this, they offer a colorful collection of textiles, dolls and wall lamps. For once a non-standard room with pink accessories, but for all the boys-mothers (I am one as well) accessories in shades of brown, yellow and turquoise!

The Case: unique baby room furniture

letterkast3 10 maartWhen I think of the word ‘letter box’, I think of old wooden cabinets in which printing offices used to store lead letters for printing. They were totally hot in the 70s for displaying miniatures. But the new children’s furniture brand ‘Minius’, founded by Anne-Marleen and Paul de Nooy, have breathed new life into the word ‘letterbox’. I am very enthusiastic about their unique product that will be launched in early April. The cupboards are shaped like a letter, 1 meter in height and 20 cm in depth. The width depends on the letter. Every letter in the alphabet will soon be available in endless color variations and with customized back panels. The special shaped cupboards are made in their own studio and because some characters simply require more work than others (think of bending wood for the letter ‘Q’!), the price varies for each cupboard. What a good idea to have a cupboard shaped like the first letter of the name of your child!. It serves as a great display for small baby items or to just use it to store your kid’s toys. Sounds like a great baby shower gift to me!letterkast6 10 maart