Bathe your baby in a cupcake!

babytrendwatcher Cupcake babies babybathThere is a new label on the market: Cupcake Babies! With its new collection ‘Bathing Time’, ‘Tasty’ and ‘Sleep well’ this new brand brings us trendy bathtubs, pacifiers and bathingcapes for newborns! The most innovating and original product in their collection is the ‘Cupcake Babies Bath’. This tiny little baby bath is designed as a delicious cupcake. Once fully inflated this little bathtub fits in almost every normal sized sink or on every table with its 22 cm in height and 35 cm in diameter. With the Cupcake Babies Bath you, as a parent, have direct eye contact with your baby on the right height and it extinguishes the most common flaws. Immediately, I think of mothers which aren’t able to stand for long periods of time right after they gave birth to their child. Another benefit: you need a very little amount of water, compared to a normal sized baby bath, environmental friendly and the water will stay warm much longer! When not in use, it easily fits in a small sized travel bag once deflated.