Faster potty trained with Tots Bots

kaatje-katoen-tots-bots-wasbare_luiers 29 janToday I received a remarkable message. It is possible to get your child potty trained before the age of nine months. But how? Just with a simple trick: whistling! Swedish researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy monitored 47 Vietnamese babies and their mothers for two years. In Vietnam people start potty training their babies a lot earlier; directly after birth. From nine months old, diapers aren’t needed anymore. How different that is from the West where our children are only potty trained at an age of three or four. Our children are used to super absorbing diapers in which they do not feel it when they wet themselves and therefore do not feel the need to go potty. Score for the disposable diapers producers! Actually I visited two ladies of Kaatje Katoen for an interview, earlier today. They have been doing the promotion for trendy and washable diaper systems for years in The Netherlands. Children are potty trained faster with these, which saves a lot of money and it is better for the environment too, as research proves. They told me that sometimes parents do not even know how to get their children potty trained. It used to be more natural and easier to get your child potty trained… The consequences are evident in education; instead of teaching, teachers are walking up and down the toilets continuously to change toddlers. Absolutely ridiculous, right? In England and Belgium these washable diapers by Tots Bots are very trendy! So where are The Netherlands in this trend?