Stroller race voor fathers

menwithwheels easywalkerNo breakfast in bed, lazy lounging or doing some gardening on father’s day, but
action! The event ‘Menwithwheels’ was the first stroller race for fathers. In
four different races and one final round, tough fathers battled on two
different locations to earn the title ‘Man With Wheels’ and the associated
prize; a new stroller. This prize was provided by the sponsor easywalker. In
the morning in Scheveningen the easywalker sky was used, and in the afternoon
at the Cornelis Schuytstraat in Amsterdam the latest easywalker june was used
for the race. Exclusively for father’s day, the shops in Amsterdam were open,
and there was entertainment for the entire family. The race was not just about
walking fast…the track rather looked like a bootcamp; there were nets to crawl
under, tires to jump through while lifting the stroller, and the front wheels
had to be changed at a pit stop. And during all of that, a baby doll was
strapped in the stroller. Fortunately, the weather was fine and the supporters
were nice, so that the organisers could be content about the event. The
exhausted fathers were sent home with a packed goodie bag. Tonight at VIoranje
on RTL4, a report on the race in Scheveningen is broadcast; I will be watching
for sure!

Football fun on father’s day

keltum-voetbal-keltum-fcjuniormetplacemat_lrBearing father’s day in mind, I think this is a good one: Keltum presents a special cutlery set of four items, with appealing images of a football shoe, a shirt, a ball and a corner flag. The cutlery set comes in a football pitch, which is actually a nice green placemat. It consists of four items, and is made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. Although our Dutch national team did not do really well yet at the European Football Championship…our small future football fans will enjoy every bite while playing. A nice gift for newly born children, or infants having their birthday. We gave away one of these cutlery sets to one of our BabyStuf Facebook fans, and received really cool and touching pictures…you should definitely take a look!