Get to know the 18 nominations for the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award!

18-nominaties-babystuf-baby-innovation-award2To follow up my last blog, I’d like to introduce the nominations that will compete for the most wanted award! In the category Mobility the nominees are: The Greentom Upp stroller; made of recycled syntethic materials, the YoYo buggy of BabyZen; super quick foldable and can be taken with you as hand luggage on a flight, The Sirona car seat of Cybex; back- or forward facing and capable of 360 degrees rotation, and the NJOY UP Bubble; the first buggy with a reversible seat.
In the category Travel & Safety the nominees are: Stokke Carrier; can be used in two positions, on your chest or on your back, IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor of Hesdo; the first plug and play image baby intercom that works with an app (compatible with smartphones or tablets) and the carrying bag Travel Stowaway of Ergobaby; made of recycled materials and foldable to a little bag.
In the category Care: Digitub baby bath of BabyLabels; with a digital balance and thermometer built-in, the PacaPod caring bag; with external compartments and the Besafe Pregnancy iZi FIX safety belt; extra security and comfort in the car for a pregnant belly.
In the category Feeding: Pacific Babybottle of Pacific Baby; a stainless steel baby- and children bottle which can keep liquids warm or cold up to 10 hours, The Original Ba bottle holder of BabyBanz; with which the baby can hold its own bottle, and the Bento Box Ellipse of BÉABA; a new kind of plate warmer with ergonomic little cutlery.
In the category Furniture and Decoration; Bednest Cosleeper; with which parents can sleep safely together with their baby, Mima Moon child seat, to use as a baby lounger, adjustable child seat and trendy teen chair, TheSuper Nomade night light of Pabobo; small, soft, lightweight and provides light for as long as 200 hours.
And to conclude, the category Toys & Gifts: Milestone babycards; captures all milestones of your baby’s life in one image for ever and the Knuffel bite ring of Difrax; a unique combination of a bite ring and stuffed animal. Find out more about these innovations in my following blogs!

’Self-thinking’ baby bottle communicates with smartphone

babystuf bebo zelfdenkend flesjeIntroduce a group of ambitious students to a team of entrepreneurs and see what happens. ‘Innovation in a week’ transforms advanced technology to a tangible product design in a very short period of time. Their latest innovation: the Bebo, a ‘self-thinking’ baby bottle. As a starting point, the team focused on mothers with a busy career and an extensive social life, who are especially in need of time-saving products that do offer comfort and quality for both mother and child.

The Bebo is a bottle that can heat up and clean itself automatically! Besides that, it also indicates how much milk the baby has drunk, which will come in handy when the amounts a baby drinks have to be monitored. This information is directed to the mother’s smartphone. The bottle works on a battery, so that it can be heated and used everywhere and at any time. The new firm Bebo Company has patented both the nutrition measuring system with sensors and the heating element, and will be actually manufacturing the bottle in the future. Bebo Company aims to introduce the bottle on the market in just several months, so it would be nice if we could already see the Bebo on the international Kind + Jugend-trade fair in September!

Fashionable feeding

babystuf-bellemont4Nice, these nourishment and care products from Bellemont. It is not a new brand, as this French brand, based in Brittany, was founded over 30 years ago, but it has just recently been introduced in the Netherlands. All baby products from Bellemont excel in functionality as well as creativity. Whether it is a dryer rack, a bottle holder, a plate, cutlery, a bath support, an adjustable potty or table corner guards; everything has been designed with great care and manufactured with great craftsmanship. A fine glass of wine tastes much better from a crystal glass than from a plastic cup, therefore I’m a supporter of feeding babies in a fashionable manner, for instance by using such a nice plate.