Faster potty-trained with an intelligent potty

product_ipottyDid you know that potty training nowadays starts at a much later age than about 40 years ago? Nowadays children go potty at an average age of 2.5 years, while in the past this was already the case on an age of 18 months. This has to do with more tolerant parents, among other things, but also with the longer use of disposable diapers, according to experts. These diapers are so absorbing that children don’t even notice anymore that they wet their pants. Good business for the manufacturers of disposable diapers! Perhaps this ‘intelligent potty’ can help with getting your child potty trained faster. It’s a potty that makes the sound of flowing water when you’re peeing, so your child is more motivated to pee everything out. And when your child is done, there is a positive reinforcement by means of a message from mom or dad! On a potty like this, it should be easy to get your child potty trained faster. By the way, I do not fit in the target group. No matter what I suggested, my children just skipped the entire potty phase. They didn’t want to go potty, but just on the toilet for ‘big people’ instead!