Joolz sells more than just strollers

Joolz 1 babytrendwatcher

Selling a stroller is one thing, but it is all about sending a message. That is something Joolz accomplishes. ‘Buying a stroller is just a single moment, however we are trying to add more to this, think of positivity, health, a meaningful message,’ says managing director Stan Vermeulen during the press convention in the Joolz Day Studio in the Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. There are plenty of examples: the packaging of Joolz strollers is truly unique, you can use it for making either a chair, birdhouse or a mobile for baby’s room. The Joolz team drives in electric cars and they lunch organically from nearby farmers. One tree is planted for each registered baby at Joolz. ‘We are not the greenest, but certainly try to do our part’ said Stan.
There was stroller news: founder Emile Kuenen presented the new Joolz Day Studio Noir and Gris, influenced by French haute couture and a unique tailor-made program. In this program, parents are able to create a tailor-made stroller with a choice of frame colors, fabrics, handles, safety bars, labels and zippers. The Configurator program on the site is exceptionally clever: this custom-made stroller can be shared with others.
The day ended with a fitness workshop given by personal trainer Radmilo Soda for famous Dutch singer Do and other pregnant women. This workshop and several other courses are available on their website, since Joolz likes to contribute to a healthy pregnancy. It is clear, the label Joolz does not only sell strollers, but also a positive and honest story!
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The trendy strollers from Joolz

Joolz day XL Shopper boodschappentasAmong all the excellent stroller brands in our country, Joolz is doing something different. I’ve seen this brand grow and it’s doing very well. Both nationally as well as internationally, Joolz impresses with their regular collection and their limited editions. This fall, the Joolz Day by Fab will be introduced. A stylish design due to the intensive cooperation with the famous accessories brand Fab. This limited edition has a gunmetal frame, denim covering and a brown leatherette push and safety brace. The famous Fab Star Love pattern is repeated on the sunscreen, shopping basket and crib. I think it’s great! Of course there is a denim care bag included, that resembles the design of the Fab for mum diaper bag. Only moments of waiting, and then I will travel to the international professional exhibition Kind und Jugend in Cologne, where Joolz will present another limited edition, this time with eastern elements. I’ll keep you posted!