Never scared again in the dark with Pabobo

pabobo-super-nomade-nachtlampNever be scared again in the dark with this Pabobo Super Nomade. Pabobo is a French label that makes great lights for children. The new Super Nomade is useful, lightweight, soothing, it doesn’t get hot and it is suitable for small hands thanks to its shape. Wireless and without batteries, this light always and everywhere provides the necessary amount of light. The light adjusts to every situation with two different light intensities and can be charged everywhere due to the universal micro-USB-charger. You can hardly forget to charge this light, as the remaining battery power is well shown on the mini LCD screen that automatically lights up when the light is picked up (through the use of a movement sensor). With only 5 hours of charging this light works for up to 200 hours! The Pabobo Super Nomade is light sensitive: it adjusts to the light of the surroundings. It will automatically go on when its dark and it will turn off when it gets light. It’s also nominated for the Baby Innovation Award 2013!