Babytrendwatcher launches unique website

Mama-Masterclasses-webSeven years ago, I launched and a catalog to help all the new-parents by rating the best products available per category. As the website became more independent, the amount of pages in the catalog increased rapidly. Catalogs are outdated and the baby-branch requested more online possibilities. After a long time of brainstorming and speaking to experts, I have decided we should do it differently. The time has come, the new website BabyStuf 8.0 is online! 365 days a year, babytrendwatching, hundreds of new baby products, trendy brands, reviews. Besides all this, BabyStuf 8.0 offers tips about buying products, instructional videos, inspiration and expert blogs. We also implemented interactive Mama Moodboards on our website, where visitors can create their very own moodboard such as Pinterest and letting them share with friends and family. Another thing that has been bothering me for years, is the fact that consumers can only gain information from magazines, flyers and the producers’ very own websites. But what do you truly need, in order to use your baby products in the right way?  I am willing to give you this information, which many people don’t get in their pregnancy stage. Therefore, I introduced the Mama Masterclasses; no information about pregnancy-yoga, giving birth and the post-pregnancy depressions, but just tips and tricks, information and experiences about countless baby products. Some classes have been developed and further improved with the expert-team of Subscribing for the 9-week term of Mama Masterclasses  is completely free. So head on over to our website,, and let us know what you think!


Week of fame

uitreiking-baby-innovation-awards-negenmaandenbeurs 22 febThe Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’) has not even come to a close, but we have already had such wonderful days! First of all, directly after the opening, we announced the winners of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award at our stand. Thanks to their unique innovations, the six winners were granted their awards and certificates. The winner of the Ouders van Nu Consumer Award was even offered a full page advertisement in Ouders van Nu (‘Today’s Parents’). Everyone had a great time! Immediately afterwards, the hectics started as broadcasting company RTL 4 appeared to make a news item on the Sirona Cybex and the new isize-standard for children’s car seats, that is expected to be implemented at the end of this year. The isize-standard states that children should be transported facing backwards as much as possible, in which not the weight but the length of the child is of importance, hence the name. Children’s car seat Sirona by Cybex is even ahead of this standard. That evening, the RTL 4 News extensively discussed this new seat as well as the standard. During lunchtime, AT5 a regional broadcasting company from Amsterdam, also visited us. Fortunately they had announced their visit, so the winners were also present to tell something about their innovations for mums and their babies. The item was aired immediately that same afternoon. When I returned home, I got a phone call from the Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch national newspaper) to discuss the new isize-standard. My answers were incorporated nicely in an informative article that was posted in the Algemeen Dagblad yesterday. Last week I was also interviewed by HDC Media for their weekend-supplement Vrij. We discussed the Mama Masterclasses we offer here at BabyStuf. You see; hardy any time for spotting new gadgets on the fair, but I had a wonderful week!carola-9mndbeurs 22 feb