Futuristic balance bike Spherovelo

spherovelo-loopfiets-blauw-dissI remember when the first balance bikes were introduced, such a good idea! Because the step from a three wheel bike to a bike with side wheels is an enormous change for your toddler. On a balance bike, your child learns how to keep balance. A few years ago, the Wishbonebike balance bike was introduced, with its light wooden frame based on the design of a wishing bone. The special thing about this design is that it is three bikes combined in one: with two back wheels and a reversible frame with a back wheel in a low or high settting. And now this new balance bike has been introduced to the market: the Spherovelo from Early Rider is a new ‘bike’ with a futuristic design for children between the age of one and one-and-a-half. This model is actually meant as the precursor of the walking bike. The design consists of two big balls; the rear ball runs on bearings and can turn in any direction. The Spherovelo therefore offers enough possibilities for biking tricks. For the starting phase, two extra wheels are attached to keep it stable and steady. If the child can keep its balance, then you can just take off the extra wheels. A beautiful product, with a beautiful design and I am curious about the first biking experiences!

Environmental-friendly stroller Greentom Upp

duurzame-kinderwagen-greentom-cradle-to-cradleAn environmental-friendly stroller? Yes, it’s possible! Industrial designer Bart Bost is renowned for his pioneering designs for babies and children and now has a prime in The Netherlands: The Greentom Upp stroller. This stroller is entirely made of recycled synthetic materials; polypropylene for the frame and recycled PET bottles for the fitting. This Greentom stroller, designed according to the cradle-to-cradle principle, is one without troubles: it’s simple, smart and very user-friendly. This stroller is certainly environmental-friendly; by using the recycled materials, the Greentom can be produced and assembled locally and this means: no production far away and abroad, no transport costs and less pollution! The good thing about this stroller is that it doesn’t look ‘green’. It is suitable from birth with a traveling cradle or car seat, has good springs, a stepless adjustable backrest, is easily manoeuvrable because of the double ball bearings in the wheels and with its 7 kilograms, it is lightweight after all. It is expected for 2013, so please have a little patience… It has already been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award!

Stokke launches Crusi and Scoot

stokke-kinderwagen1At the beginning of September, Stokke already provided us with a preview, but it had to remain a secret until the official introduction. And that moment has come! Stokke has just launched two new models of prams: the Stokke Crusi and the Stokke Scoot. Prior to their unveiling, Suzanne Zeedyk appeared at the press conference in Naarden. Zeedyk has been conducting scientific research for 25 years, and is currently studying the innate capability of babies to communicate with their parents from the very start of their lives. Babies are social creatures, and their brains will not develop sufficiently when they do not experience any interaction with others! Zeedyk therefore states that every designer of baby products should be aware of this. This fits perfectly to Stokke’s vision, which sets the interaction between babies and their parents in the center of attention (think of the Stokke Xplory!). The all new Stokke Crusi seems to be the most conventional of the two. We have been told that with this pram, unlike with most other prams, not the frame but the seat itself is in the center of attention. It is indeed quite large with its 80 cm in length, and on top of that it has a nice finish. The carriage can be used as a carry cot, a seat, a car seat and – with an optional sibling seat – as a duo pram, when you are blessed with two children in a short period of time. When using the last option however,  the baby at the bottom is directly facing the other seat. This does not make complete sense to me, after hearing Zeedyk’s views…

Parents searching for a more ‘on the go’ model, might prefer the Stokke Scoot. This pram is compact, lightweight and easily foldable with just one hand. Because of the high position of its seat, which can also be turned around to face the other way, this pram also fits to a high table in a café or a restaurant. It seems to be the ideal companion for traveling, doing some shopping or in public transport.

Ready-set- go buggy

quinny-yezz_greencurve_sunThe designers of this Quinny Yezz buggy have clearly been inspired by kite surfers, skaters and skydivers. The frame is made of IXEF fiberglass composite and therefore it is ultra-lightweight, it weighs no more than 5 kilograms. The buggy looks cool with its skate wheels of PU rubber, is easily maneuverable, and, despite its light weight, still stable. For the Ripstop seat, the connections and fastenings, the designers have taken their inspiration from skydivers and kite surfers. Also take note of the folding mechanism: the buggy quickly foldable and stand in its folded mode, which can be handy with a baby or infant on your arm! When folded, you can easily carry the buggy over your shoulder with its strap, which makes this Quinny Yezz a real ready-set-go buggy for active parents. Also nice to know: this buggy is entirely ‘Made in Holland’.