Koeka introducing Palma

Koeka 2The label Koeka is completely Dutch Design. It all started with a pacifier towel, a sculpted flower form with a loop for a pacifier. It was made of a, for that time (late nineties), perhaps underrated fabric: terry cloth. When Koeka started to grow, more and more designs appeared on the market, made of another less popular material in the textile industry: honeycomb fabric. Many design are very smart (from well fitted car seat covers, to multifunctional sleeping bags) but I always find the material choices very extraordinary. New this fall is the Palma collection, a nice soft blanket in pied-de-poule squares for a crib or bedstead. Furthermore Koeka introduces a -on the move- collection. This is made from a cotton-teddy in the already known soft Koeka-shades like mint and taupe.