Nomination known for the Baby Innovation Award 2013

baby-innovation-award-genomineerdPfff. Not only the elections in the US are behind us, our own elections are too! Yesterday morning, after a bad night’s sleep I got up early, picked up our intern Hanae from the train station and went to the NH hotel in Naarden with a car full of baby products for D-day; the day of the jury. Every year again it is a huge organization, but oh so much fun to do! Once arrived, we presented all entries as good as possible with as many available hands as possible (thank you to Trix, Hanae and our drivers) on a couple of big tables. An hour later, the jury came in excited, apart from one or two, a whole bunch of new women like Yaelle, Marianne and Mira with their PR and Fashion agencies, Catelijne and Thea of the consumers magazines Ouders van nu (Today’s Parents) and Kinderen (Children) and sidekick Patricia van Liemt of Qmusic, as a mom and author. We were accompanied by Mieke from (Safety) who pointed us at possible risks of products and by Janneke who critically looked at the designs and user-friendliness. And well, I am here to keep all and everyone on the right path and to emphasize that it is all about innovation, however beautiful the products may look, it’s all about innovation, innovation, innovation! The morning was reserved to look through every product, touch it and try it, the afternoon was reserved for requested demos of products that were in the category: ‘extra complicated’. After this ‘product speed dating’, it was time to compare products but also to fiercely discuss them. We closed the day late in the afternoon with 19 wonderful nominations divided into 6 categories. This afternoon the nominated are informed and from tomorrow on the nominations can be found on So I cannot spoil it for you. And after this it’s up to the moms and the Ouders van Nu jury day, as well as the online voters!

Update Baby Innovation Award 2013

baby-innovation-award-winner1We are getting ready for the Baby Innovation Award 2013 by BabyStuf! The great annual event for the baby product industry that, besides presenting many awards, also brings new and unknown possibilities to attract attention to innovative baby products. Especially in times like these, innovation is essential. Speaking of which, also our election is renewed on five points and made professional steps forward. To begin with, the jury welcomes a few new members. This year there are representatives of: radio QMusic, PR and fashion agencies,, Ouders van Nu, Kinderen, KEK Mama and design agency Buro Raak. Besides this, we thought it was time for a Mom Jury day, so moms can appoint their favourite products in daily life. Ouders van Nu will be responsible for this part and there is a special Ouders van Nu public prize linked to this. Also the winners will be chosen in a different way. The jury, Mom Jury Day and the online voters decide about them together. So there is a better balance between the jury, experiences of consumers and online voters. Moreover, voters from abroad will be excluded. Furthermore, attention will be given in an interactive way to the winners on the Negenmaandenbeurs (Nine Months fair). And to conclude, we will present the new logo that will be shown on all products and media utterances here.
Are you interested to participate in the elections? That is only possible until November 1st 2012. Participants can count on great promotion via trade journal BabyWereld, BabyStuf and the accompanying social media., The Nine Month Fair and Ouders van Nu! For more information, please visit or get in touch with the organization of the elections: BabyWereld & BabyStuf.