Retro stroller anno 1960

babytrendwatcher  retrokinderwagen vanWervenA few days ago, I got a phone call. Since I am the chief editor of trade journal BabyWereld and consumer trendwatch site they wanted to hand over their new book to me. The book was written by Mieneke van Noort, owner of the only stroller museum in The Netherlands. She was for the last 30 years, and still is, collecting an impressive amount of retro strollers that are perceivable at her personal house and museum in Nieuwolda, Groningen. This outstanding book ‘De geschiedenis van de kinderwagen’ with a lot of Dutch designs has people with an interest in strollers as a target audience. A must have for designers and producers if you ask me. This stroller of Van Werven really is an example of how strollers used to look, back in the sixties. What a lovely retro feeling! You can order this unique edition on

Trendy retro crib

retro-vintage-ledikant-oude-speelkamerIf you like a crib in a retro style, you can always renovate an old one from your family. But you have to be careful about the right distance between the bars, space between the mattress and crib, non-toxic paint and splinter-proof wood. Or you just choose for a vintage crib with today’s safety measures. The Oude Speelkamer designs children’s rooms accessories, toys and desks and on the Flavourites Live in Amsterdam, they presented this crib. This piece of nostalgia is handmade, from Dutch origin, meets all the safety requirements and can be converted into a toddler bed. Among all the different children room furniture, this piece is a pleasure to look at.