Safe in the seatbelts during pregnancy

besafe-pregnant-izi-fix-in-car-cWhen you’re in the car as a pregnant woman, it is always a fuzz. The seatbelt never feels comfortable and the sharp edges can be extremely irritating. But even worse, you and your unborn baby are not safe! This wrong position can lead to ‘sub-marining’; this is the effect that you slide underneath the waist belt in case of a crash situation, read: collision. I have seen shots of a crash test and you’d be shocked. It is clear that this phenomenon can seriously injure you and your child. That is why the jury of the Baby Innovation Award and I were very happy with the BeSafe Pregnant iZi FIX and why this great product was nominated. This useful tool makes sure that the seatbelt always fits right! You place the mat on the chair and attach this with a belt to the back part of the seat. You can attach the BeSafe with Isofix on the back seats. Then you sit down, guide the belt through the little strap on the front side under the belly and attach the belt and voilà, mom is safely seated. Because of this simple installation you can easily take the BeSafe Pregnant iZi FIX with you in another car. Extremely useful and extremely safe.

Trendy retro crib

retro-vintage-ledikant-oude-speelkamerIf you like a crib in a retro style, you can always renovate an old one from your family. But you have to be careful about the right distance between the bars, space between the mattress and crib, non-toxic paint and splinter-proof wood. Or you just choose for a vintage crib with today’s safety measures. The Oude Speelkamer designs children’s rooms accessories, toys and desks and on the Flavourites Live in Amsterdam, they presented this crib. This piece of nostalgia is handmade, from Dutch origin, meets all the safety requirements and can be converted into a toddler bed. Among all the different children room furniture, this piece is a pleasure to look at.

Get to know the 18 nominations for the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award!

18-nominaties-babystuf-baby-innovation-award2To follow up my last blog, I’d like to introduce the nominations that will compete for the most wanted award! In the category Mobility the nominees are: The Greentom Upp stroller; made of recycled syntethic materials, the YoYo buggy of BabyZen; super quick foldable and can be taken with you as hand luggage on a flight, The Sirona car seat of Cybex; back- or forward facing and capable of 360 degrees rotation, and the NJOY UP Bubble; the first buggy with a reversible seat.
In the category Travel & Safety the nominees are: Stokke Carrier; can be used in two positions, on your chest or on your back, IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor of Hesdo; the first plug and play image baby intercom that works with an app (compatible with smartphones or tablets) and the carrying bag Travel Stowaway of Ergobaby; made of recycled materials and foldable to a little bag.
In the category Care: Digitub baby bath of BabyLabels; with a digital balance and thermometer built-in, the PacaPod caring bag; with external compartments and the Besafe Pregnancy iZi FIX safety belt; extra security and comfort in the car for a pregnant belly.
In the category Feeding: Pacific Babybottle of Pacific Baby; a stainless steel baby- and children bottle which can keep liquids warm or cold up to 10 hours, The Original Ba bottle holder of BabyBanz; with which the baby can hold its own bottle, and the Bento Box Ellipse of BÉABA; a new kind of plate warmer with ergonomic little cutlery.
In the category Furniture and Decoration; Bednest Cosleeper; with which parents can sleep safely together with their baby, Mima Moon child seat, to use as a baby lounger, adjustable child seat and trendy teen chair, TheSuper Nomade night light of Pabobo; small, soft, lightweight and provides light for as long as 200 hours.
And to conclude, the category Toys & Gifts: Milestone babycards; captures all milestones of your baby’s life in one image for ever and the Knuffel bite ring of Difrax; a unique combination of a bite ring and stuffed animal. Find out more about these innovations in my following blogs!

Baby forgotten in car, killed by heat

babystuf-maxi-cosi1Each summer, we get to hear a story about a baby that has been left behind in a hot car for too long, with fatal results. Just because one of the parents has to do some shopping, and thinks the baby can stay in the car on its own for a while. Or – how bizarre – that a child is just forgotten and left behind in the car. Just like this week in Belgium, when a father left for work and forgot to take his six-month-old baby to the daycare centre…Still parents underestimate the risk of leaving their child behind in a car that can rapidly increase in temperature in summer, horrible. A group of students of the Vrij Technisch Instituut in Veurne (België) has conducted a study on this phenomenon. They have created a system with sensors that sounds an alarm when there is a baby in a car seat and the temperature in a car rises too much. The system sounds an alarm, switches on the air fan in the car, opens the windows and makes the indicator lights blink; everything to warn as many people around the car as possible. I really hope this lifesaving idea will be further elaborated by the car industry! Also see this video clip from