Joolz Day Tokyo celebrates the symbol of new life

joolz-day-tokyo-web 6 febHere in the West, people do not really think about the symbols of new life. In Japan however, they do this very well. The Japanese illustrator Hiyoko Imai worked on the Joolz Day Tokyo. It resulted in a list of wishes the life of the baby lying in this stroller. The symbols that Imai wants to bring across stand for a bright future and good luck. To illustrate this, she made a pine tree that symbolises youthfulness and a long life. The bamboo symbolizes strength. The plum stands for beauty and optimism in times of need. The black frame of the stroller forms a stylish combination with the black fabric of the crib and the chair. A special velvet-like fabric was chosen. The push- and safety bar are made of comfortable brown leather, which has been stitched with beautiful red thread. The Joolz Day Tokyo will be delivered completely including frame, seat, crib, shopping basket, rain cover, sleeping bag, a special designed parasol and furoshiki; a traditional, multifunctional cover. If you want this stroller, be quick! This limited edition will be available from February. Perhaps a relieve: at the stand at the Negenmaandenbeurs (‘Nine Months Fair’) you can win one!

Baby sleeping bag replaces incubator

Embrace-Infant-WarmerEach year, 20 million babies are born prematurely or with a low weight. This phenomenon is especially common in developing countries. These babies can be in risk of hypothermia, as they are not yet capable of regulating their own body temperature. In such countries, there is no money available for incubators, and energy supply is often unreliable. Therefore these babies are kept warm by strapping hot water bottles onto them, laying them under lamps or suspending them over hot charcoal. Despite all these efforts, each year 4 million babies die within their first month, which comes down to 450 babies every hour…
The Embrace Infant Warmer was developed by a group of students as their graduation project. Their professor’s challenge was: ‘develop an alternative for incubators, that uses less than 1% of the current technology and achieves the same medical results’. After product development, testing and adjustments, this Embrace Infant Warmer seems to be the solution; a small sleeping bag with a heating element. Within 20 minutes, the substance in the heating element is heated and ready for hours of use, in order to keep a baby at a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. After tests in Indian hospitals, the non-profit organization Embrace has started saving lives in China as well as Somalia. A product with a mission, and a wonderful project! The video on Embrace is certainly worth watching.